Thursday, April 22, 2010


Do you have a talisman?

Do you know what that is?

The definitions I found of talisman that seemed to be what I thought of a talisman is an object held to act as charm to avert evil and bring good fortune.

It’s not unusual for creative people to create or have something they feel brings them luck and good things. Or just safe protection maybe, from all the hard things creative people have to face in a logically oriented world.

Do you have a talisman? What brought you to it?

I never thought of myself as being that sort of person, to have a talisman. Not sure I am now. But I find myself smoothing a couple of small gemstones in my fingers often as I am mulling the intricacies and sticking points of my current work-in-progress plot. And as I am praying for a friend that has been very ill.

I wasn’t thinking of such things when I was stopping in The Stone Goddess Rock Shop several days ago. I had just gone in looking for a unique wedding gift that I was going to be needing soon. Didn’t come out with the gift I thought I was going in for, but I came out with more unique things than I would have thought. A couple of these were the two small gemstones that the ‘new’ owner of the Stone Goddess referred to as pocket stones. She picked them out based on her intuition of what she thought I needed. Do I know if they work? Not in a definitive logical way, but I know I reach for them a lot to roll their smooth surfaces around in my fingers, and that soothes the places that seem to be rough, the rough places that we probably are all carrying around inside? Even if it’s not logical or fits in the logical world our mind makes, why not? What would it hurt? Especially if it makes you feel better somehow.

So why not take a little drive and stop in The Stone Goddess Rock Shop. It’s just a little ways north of 288 on route 1 at 10017 Jefferson Davis Highway, (804) 279-0780.

It’s worth going in and seeing the wonderful huge pieces of natural stones and crystals. And amazing dragons. She also has finished jewelry and smaller stones and crystals as well. Such as pocket ones. See if she’ll pick you out some with her intuition to carry with you. Or just hold when you are troubled or feeling meditative and need something smooth and nice to roll around in your fingers. We all have rough places that need soothing, don’t we?

Why not stop in the Stone Goddess and see what Jean “Red” Kromm recommends for you. And come back and tell me what you got and why.

I’ll tell you if you tell me.

Oh, and yes, thanks to the brainstorming with the Stone Goddess owner, Jean “Red” Kromm, I have created a unique wedding gift that I think is better than what I had in mind when I entered her shop. Thanks Jean.