Saturday, May 18, 2013


So, it might not be a big surprise to those who know me, that I’m not a big fan of surprises.   
As there was a discussion today at an author event — A Fabulous Event !!!   At Fountain Bookstore  — Disappointment is the emotion that’s hardest, or mostly impossible, to mask.    
So, don’t try to surprise me.   Fair warning.

But I do like it when Happy things happen spontaneously.  Like today.   Running errands, things to do, happen to go have Great Fish and Chips at our fav. place for that - Sine Irish Pub    [hey, I didn’t realize there was one in Arlington, Va. as well as Richmond!]   [they also have other great food too.]

But since we were down there in that ‘neck’ of Cary, we Had to stop in at Fountain Bookstore.

Uh, yeah.  GREAT Independent Bookstore.   ‘Nuff said.   If you haven’t tried, you absolutely Should!

And Kelly happened to be having an author event with the lovely and lively Deanna Raybourn.

Well, as a ‘writer’ myself, who am I Not to support an author.  Right?   [Yes, I have a Great husband that has been around writers and writer talk so many years he has picked it up also.  :::Evil grin::: ]
I had ‘heard’ of and seen Deanna Raybourn’s books around, I just hadn’t picked up any to read yet.   Yes, I have a great husband but he does give me looks when he sees me around books, especially when they are coming home with me, since home is perhaps a ‘bit’ overcrowded with books.
[and no grief on writer not knowing what was going on with fellow writers and book events, I've been sick for over 2 weeks, said great husband sick over a week, so I'm sure we can manage a few hacking coughs still, in your direction.]

But even he was captivated by the author talk today.   It really was a Great talk.   And even though there was ‘reader’ talk about her books, there was also great writer insight talk as well.  We all sat, enjoyably I think, for couple hours.     And it was Great!       Deanna was great!      She talked about her agent, her editors, publishers, her books, as well as her favorite books.    I was happily reminded of favorite books from my reading past, as well as happily jotting down new books to look at that she particularly liked.
I was surprised by our similar reading lists.

So, yes, no surprise, I bought two of her books.
Had to you know.   Someone that enjoys So many of the same books you do, you have to get theirs to read as well.    That’s just the way it is.

It was a great time of talking about books, and learning of new books and authors.

And I made promises to send couple of my favorites that hadn’t been introduced to her yet.

For all those that I have met recently and wanted the information - 

The Really Great World Building info’ from a JRW Conference panel session I did is in this blog post.
With the Terrific information from authors Malinda Lo, Lana Krumwiede, and Christina Lewis Halpern

The Great post of Terrific historical writer Lucia Robson, and her list of references and resources is here on this post.
And be sure to look at posts couple days around those posts cause I did post other nice information and sources from other panelists!

And because I aspire to write beautifully and descriptively I did a blog post on Patricia A. McKillip’s wonderful writing here.

So, the only thing better on a rainy dark cool day like today than all this, is curling up with one of the new books bought.   :::Grin:::