Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Look Look, She Said

Okay, so Not really.

Well, I’m Hoping you’ll stay and read.
I hate being out here by myself with the wind whistling around forlornly.

It seems I was tagged in a blog post to do this :

I didn’t realize I was tagged in said post until a friend told me she had her new blog up.  So of course I dutifully dropped everything I was doing, including answering email from her, and trotted over to check it out.
No, she wasn’t the one that tagged me.   But you Should check her blog out anyway, for her intriguing snippet!     Then you can join me in badger…. Er, Encouraging, yes, that’s the right word, her to Finish this story so we can read it!   Quickly!

So, seeing her mentioning our other friend’s blog - and realizing I’m behind, not only on updating my blog here, I’m also behind in looking at other’s blogs.   Hey, at least it’s equal opportunity.   Or something like that.
I go over to other friend’s blog to read her entry.    She might need to be badger…. Er, Encouraged, also to finish the story quickly so we can read it soon!     But There is where I found my name listed for the Tag.


As can be shown by the blank spaces on this blog I’ve been doing other things.   I was working on writing for awhile.   But the stacks of books were getting in the way.  So having talked my wonderful husband into another bookcase, I quickly moved to fill it up.   Well, after it origami folded and I had to unload all the books I’d stuck up there at 2 a.m. night before.  [When books are on the line I can move quick!]      But he raided the garage drawers and took what braces and brackets and stuff he had and fixed it.    My hero!    And after he’d worked all day And played golf! It was a cheap bookcase but it seems to be doing the job.  So far anyway.  [I moved quickly again.]
Now if it would only progress my writing.

Oh, and Look!   I’m outta time for this.   So will have to do another post.     Or something.

Stay tuned…..