Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Books!

Free Books to good homes!

Okay, so none of mine, yet. Although I have taken a few of the books I have read around here to donate to my local library.
I think more have been bought at their sale and come into my house perhaps, much to husband's dismay. But hey, we must support our local library, right? And Several of those books were bought for or by him. So these are not all my books to read stacked around here. Books are very decorative anyway. And functional.

But enough about what I should be doing right now. Hint, yes, it's either reading books for JRW Conference, or writing on my own books-in-progress.
Or the myriad of 'real' life things that plague.... er, concern us all.
But regardless of the state of our reading pile, or state of our laundry pile, we All want more books, don't we.
Especially if they are Free!

So I share this with you for that opportunity - Ricki Schultz blog.
Yes, the same that was at the James River Writers Writing Show just the other night.
She's giving away books. For Free. Here.

I'm going over to enter as well. Hey, I have a couple of chairs that are still empty.
You aren't sitting in them now after all.

Monday, May 30, 2011

How NOT to Write a Query Letter

If you are at the Query letter writing stage at your writing career juncture then you will want to check out this.

And will probably want to check out the others there on how to write a Good query letter.

You will also most probably want to stay away from any kind of advice, query letter or not, from the Crazy L. Person person. Probably.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Missed Writing Show?

For those of you that missed the Writing Show the other night you might want to check this out.

Or even if you were there at the Writing Show and are having trouble reading all your scribbled notes right now.

This emphasizes what ‘face-panelist’ Dan Blank was talking to us about just the other night.

Course, as another struggling writer and I were discussing, there are no clear answers on how to do all this networking and all, and juggle writing, and jobs, and ‘real’ life.

But at least when we gather at all the JRW venues and in all the on-line communities we are supposed to be forging and putting together, we have lots of company.

So at least that’s comforting, and sometimes even helpful. Since we are hanging out with a whole bunch of smart people, and interesting people. Right?

Since come on, you aren't going to convince me that your characters are all that smart or all that interesting All the time.

So come join us at James River Writers events. Where a great bunch of writers hang out in 'real' life.

You missed the Writing Show for May already, don't miss the JRW fundraiser coming up June 4th. And the Writers Wednesday gathering, and the..... Well, just go check out all the places you can come mingle with us. [click here]

And come join our community. We can be a Lot more fun in person than online. Trust me. :::grin::::

Friday, May 27, 2011

Need an Agent?

You can have an opportunity to mingle and actually pitch a New York agent at the James River Writers Conference in October.

So get to finishing your works in progress and practicing your pitches.

If nothing else be sure to check out the Pitchapalooza event at the Conference this year, and participate of course!

But if you are looking for an agent, get ready to sign up for the Agent slots when the Conference registration comes up on the James River Writers website in June.

In the meantime, check out the JRW Conference blog with news and teasers.

And be sure to check out the current talk on wonderful agent Michelle Brower coming to the Conference to hear about your wonderful writing - in 5 - 7 minutes or less of course. Yes, you are timed.
So use your time wisely grasshopper.
Including getting ready for the great James River Writer Conference in October.

If you can come to all, or even some, of the James River Writer events going on every month you can get to know people before the Conference so you won't have to feel so alone when you walk in the doors at the lovely Library of Virginia.
Although we're a pretty friendly bunch, for a bunch of hunched up writers [and awkward socializers also], so come to the Conference anyway, I bet you'll come away with a bunch of new writer friends. And maybe even an agent.

After all, where else are you going to really fit in? We can all stand around and be awkward together and nobody thinks it's weird. How great is that!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Haunting

" I’m often haunted by the question, "What if I hadn’t tried again?"

Yet, Another reason to stay persistent and moving forward with your writing.
And striving onward.

Don't want this to happen to you.
If you want to read more about this, where this quote came from, and writers talking about how they got their agents go

Keep Writing. Keep moving forward.

Keep coming to James River Writers events and mingling and networking with other writers.
Like at the JRW Writing Show - Tonight.

After all, all the writers stories talk about how important all that mingling was, and is.
Just thought I'd mention.

    Wednesday, May 25, 2011

    Blogger Bums?

    • Interesting post on blogging.

    Never thought about it quite like the way it's put, Blogger Buddy or Blogger Bum.

    Of course I want Blogger Buddies! Hello. :::snort::: Guess I shouldn't snort in a blog post if I want blogger buddies?

    I mean doesn't Everybody want Buddies? Blogger or not.

    Uh, no matter how much you like, or perhaps even love, your characters, you do realize that they are not your buddies, right?

    Or is it just me that can't turn my back on my characters for very long?
    They tend to run amok. A Lot. Or is that something to do with my control of them. ::::snort:::: sorry, did it again. I have to take a break while I snicker, a lot, about having much control over my characters. I didn't say no control. Yet. I think. Sigh. It comes from leaving them alone too much, I know. :::hangs head:::: [and I can't hang it any lower since that bangs my head on the keyboard and makes me go xxxxxxxxcccccc
    And it gives me a headache. And the characters are too good at that on their own.]

    But to get away, quickly, from my talk of my work with my characters ::::said from side of mouth--- or lack thereof.....[does anybody else hear faint characters screams and snickers?]

    I certainly don't want to be a Blogger Bum.
    Not sure I agree with the definition the post gives of Blogger Bum however. The descriptions sound awfully close to Bully behavior to me.

    What do you think?

    Since it's not describing what I consider Bum activity of lounging around on a chair at the beach. Oh, I mentally just became a beach bum. Sigh. I can still hear the waves.
    Okay, I am reluctantly back now. My toes aren't even wet..... [and no, you spitting on them is Not the same thing.]

    So, no, of course I don't want to be a Blogger Bum.
    [or even a mental beach bum with wet toes. just sayin'......
    Although if you have good ideas about being a beach bum I could at least listen. To be a good buddy I mean. Doing my part and all ......of course, that's all.]

    While I didn't make a blog excursion to the beach [quick mental trips don't count], I did make one to London with a great blog post by another writer. [Work-in-Progress blog by author/writer Leslie Pietrzyk]
    Sigh. It sounded so great.
    Oh, and I must be a good blogger buddy now and go tell her how much I enjoyed it.

    So, do you fall into Blogger Buddy category? Or Blogger Bum?
    I'm sure I don't have any Blogger Bullies that read my blog. Or they are being awfully considerate to not post comments. Thanks. ;)

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    Writing Wisdom - Persistence

    The difference between a published writer and an unpublished one ---- one didn't give up.
    [sgchris 5/2011]

    Friday, May 13, 2011


    Joseph Papa, why yes, the one with the fabulous hair, the same, who also happens to be a publicist for a major New York publisher, gave a fabulous talk at the lovely Library of Virginia the other night, on book he has out that he has written [so yes I guess he does know what it's like to walk in our writer shoes, even if he doesn't know what it's like to have ordinary hair], on Elizabeth Taylor.

    •Elizabeth Taylor: A Passion for Life by Joseph Papa

    And why yes, you can get it at the Library of Virginia - I watched him sign extra books for them. [they had to run out and bring in extra!]

    And also at Richmond's own Fountain Bookstore.


    It really was a fabulously interesting talk.

    [and yes, his hair really was fabulous - I believe the fabulous Ellen Brown got a snapshot]

    [and since this post is about fabulous, check out Ellen's book on Gone With the Wind.

    Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind: A Bestseller's Odyssey from Atlanta to Hollywood

    What an extraordinary woman she was. Elizabeth Taylor. [Ellen Brown is also ...which obviously I must post about sometime....after I get book writing done I think since she's always giving me that stern eye about getting to it, instead of ...well, probably this. But I will get back to them Ellen, after I finish this!]

    Elizabeth Taylor was an extraordinary woman.

    In more ways than one. Like she not Only had violet eyes, she had a double set of eyelashes. How's that for extraordinary.

    Such interesting things about a woman that was extraordinary. And especially for her ability to survive.

    You'll just have to pick up Joseph's book to find out more.

    It will be even better to go hear him talk when you pick up the book so you can hear all the interesting things he knows that didn't make it to the book. [Yes, Fabulous things.]

    Course you can't have a conversation about the fabulous Liz without mentioning her fabulous jewels.

    Which are to be auctioned off.

    I like this quote attributed to her here -

    "Good Morning America" took a look at Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection, reportedly valued at $150 million.

    The icon once talked to Barbara Walters about her love for all-things-bling, explaining, "The beauty, the perfection, God's workmanship. They're all from the ground." Her affinity for gemstones began as a child and continued as she counted husbands. Walters asked her if it was awkward for her new men to see their predecessor's presents. "So I've been told," Liz remarked. What did she do about it? "Encourage them to give me more." Naturally.

    I like that so much.

    Except I have one husband....and there hasn't been a predecessor for a very long time.... hmmmm, wonder how the fabulous Liz would have worked that with jewelry?

    Or just worked that one husband thing.....

    Is fabulous what we make it? And that was her real extraordinary gift?

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Another Reason to Support Your Indie Bookstore

    Be sure to check out the wonderful blog post by Richmond's own Treasure and independent bookstore and bookstore owner, Fountain Bookstore's Kelly Justice.

    And of course I'm sure she, and her great staff, will appreciate you strolling in and buying a book or two from them.

    I'm sure they won't object if you even buy more than one or two from them either. Just sayin' .....

    Saturday, May 7, 2011


    Yay for the James River Writers Conference coming in October!!!

    This in yesterday's Publishers Lunch :

    • Tayari Jones Tops June 2011 Indie Next List

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Delicious Writing

    Isn't that what we all want? It's what Tayari Jones says that's what she wants her writing to be in a great article on her in current, May / June 2011, Poets & Writers magazine.

    So pick up the issue and check it out.

    You can also check about about Writing Contests and the 10 Tips for Successful Entries. What writer doesn't want that info', right?

    And if you are like most of us, by the time you get the Poets & Writers magazine, and get the Tayari Jones piece read, it will be time to go over and sign up for the James River Writers
    Conference so you can meet, and talk to her in person! Since she is going to be here. In Richmond. At the James River Writers Conference in October!!!!
    Seriously Cool, right?

    Hey, if you missed the Writing Show the other night, with Daniel José Custódio, Susan Greenbaum, Luisa Igloria, with Nathan Richardson moderating,
    you missed poetry, in several different forms, including sung. So you need to read some delicious writing, as well as write it yourself.

    While you are over on the James River Writers site go ahead and make note of the James River Writers fundraiser - where we raise our monies to bring you such great things such as the Conference and all the Writing Shows. To make you aware of delicious writing and how to make your own writing so delicious it's drip worthy. [and maybe even panty worthy for the Book Lady! hmmmm? We can all hope!] So do at least put the date down and seriously think about it. It might be delicious itself........ ;)

    JRW's annual literary fundraiser
    Saturday, June 4, 2011
    6:30 to 9:30 p.m.
    On the river at Dominion’s Tredegar Complex
    120 Tredegar Street, Richmond, VA 23219

    So here are some great ways to help yourself. And don't forget to give back and help James River Writers. Don't we all want to be thought of as Delicious?