Thursday, October 17, 2013

Take a Step from your fear

Take a Step from your fear

Come out from your fear,
Make that one small step that starts. 
It’s all right if it’s a stumbling one
As when you started as a child
The walking gets easier

And just as then, there can be tumbles.
But you didn’t stop there either
Regardless of what others were doing
Or saying.
Even if then they were encouraging
And now they aren’t
You still kept on

Perhaps we are always still keeping on
Walking step by step
If not away from our fears
Then away from the hold on us
That keep us locked away
From all that we really want

Do we see ourselves in others,
In their fears for themselves?
The beauty that only sees herself as not,
not like whatever the current flavor.
Or the talent that crumbles from low self-worth.
And walks over dreams that were once shiny and bright.

Are these reflections?
Mirrors reflecting back what we see in ourselves?
Can we change what we see in those reflections?
Maybe if we have the right people.

Come give it a try.
Take that step.
That step toward a dream.
There are others here too.

Are you ready fly?
To take the first jump
And give your wings a try.

They get stronger with use.

If you are a writer.    You want to be a writer.     No matter what kind.    I bet we have something for you.

This weekend.

Or even if you’re a graphic artist.     We have someone for you!

Are you just a reader?      We have Lots of someones for you!

        Whether you want to meet a much liked author.   Or discover some new ones.

Come check out the James River Writers Conference this weekend.

You can even get a one day ticket if that fits you better.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if the two days fit just fine.

And you’ll meet a lot of fine people who can reflect back whatever you want.

Here’s a link for conference registration

You Gotta HURRY tho' - the Great Workshops are tomorrow!  Some you still might be able to go to.
And the Conference is THIS Saturday, and Sunday.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Conference is Coming! The Conference is Coming!!!

The Conference is Coming!!   The Conference is Coming!!!

Okay, so I’m not Paul Revere.

Paulette Revere?    

No, not that either.

But wanted to warn you, not that the British are coming, we don’t have any of those this year.  That I know of.
But we do have someone that grew up in New Zealand.
Not exactly British, but there is a British connection there.  ;)

No, I am not going to tell you.        You should come to the Conference and figure it out.

The Conference is coming!!!

We Kick off with some GREAT Workshops on Friday.    THIS Friday!


In case you missed that.

Let’s see, since today is Wednesday, depending on when you read this - and if you read later then you better move Quickly, Cause the Conference is Coming!   

Which means the DAY After Tomorrow The Workshops are Coming!
Really Great Workshops!

And there still are some Openings!    Only in a couple, but NO they are NOT the dreg leftovers!  

 The Workshops were SO popular they added space to include YOU!      

No, I didn’t ask how they did that.    Maybe had something to do with the British?   Maybe not.

But you can still get in to Some Workshops!    Great ones!        I should know, I signed up for one of the ones still open.  I jumped in quickly!   I wanted to go to more.   No one wants to clone me though.   Sigh.    But hopefully someone from each will share notes!

Here is a link for conference registration

And be sure to check out the Workshops that are still open!

And be sure to share your notes with me.

Cause The Conference is Coming!