Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy thoughts and brutal days

Rainy moments on a brutal hot day

Should refresh us

Should remind us of all that is good

In the world. In our world.

But do rainy thoughts really work that way

Or just remind us of how parched we are

In a beautifully cruel sun struck way

Leave us awaiting the dark cool days that come our way

And appreciating them for what they are

Perhaps some days

Perhaps some day

[sc 6.14.2010]

Can you bleed to death from paper cuts?

The ones that have cut at your soul

Ones that have cut into your heart more than you can possibly know

Then one day you see something that presses at the wound again

And you begin to bleed, all over again.

[sc 6.13.2010]

The rain beats upon the earth

Shattering the drops with force

Tearing at the cracks

Forced upon the world

Arid and dry

Beat upon

By relentless sun

But does being what it is

Doing what it does

Make it cruel

Make it more than what it is

[sc 6.10.2010]

The rain falls hard against the window

Lashing against the world it falls

Lashing against my world

Tell me, can you withstand the force it brings

Without getting wet

Without getting soaked

Without the crashing at your heart and soul

We know the sun always comes at some point

Tell me, is it enough

To dry the deluge that’s fallen

Is it enough

Is it ever enough

[sc 6.12.2010]

The moments of our lives

Spread out as pearls in our hand

Silken knots holding them together

As heartbeats hold our days.

More fragile, tenuous, and precious

Than our busy lives comprehend

Or want to face perhaps

Until a knot unspools or breaks

Leaving jewels spilling thro’ our hands

Unable to grasp them back

Not realizing the preciousness

Until they were spread out around us and rolling away

[sc 6.10.2010]