Thursday, January 29, 2009


I've heard recently of several people that I know/of my acquaintance losing their parents.
It reminded me of something I came across recently from Maya Angelou -
'I've learned that regardless of your relationship with your parents, you'll miss them when they're gone from your life.'

My parents have been gone from my life for a very long time and the relationship was not the best by any means. I have a true understanding of what Maya Angelou says. What I have a truer understanding of is, I miss what it could have been.

I am going to quote from an email that was sent to me by someone that recently lost a parent and what she is trying to do with dealing with that loss, since she says it in her own words best.

".....At a time when grief is the dominating emotion, I feel like I have to be closest to what I love best, and that is color. So, I have come up with a way to celebrate the memory of my father while doing something that could benefit somebody else. I have decided to launch a fundraiser today. I have created six new colors and 100 PERCENT of the profits from the sale of these colors will go to the MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION. I am sure many of you are aware of the wonderful work they do, but if not, I have posted a link to their site on my Fundraiser page so that you can become familiar with their amazing work.
Fundraiser link:
It is not easy to say good-bye to somebody who is/was loved so much, but at the end of the day, I feel like this is a very special way of paying tribute to my father and helping out these children at the same time! Thank you in advance for your assistance.

As you go through your days, please keep in mind that it only takes a minute to tell somebody how much you love them. Time is a gift never to be squandered.

All my best,
Heather "

And may everyone be able to have the relationship they want with their parents, and if not, I hope they at least try to make the best of it, since all things eventually change.
All my best.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day – Part 2

The woman just showed up at my door. Right when the tv was on showing future history in the making. Or so everyone is saying anyway. But if this cold shiny day was so historical, why wasn’t she somewhere at least watching this history-making event? As I was, who never really pays much attention to these things. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve already seen too much of what people say, even Presidents taking office, that are not anything the same, or sometimes even similar, to what they do once the time for promises is deemed over.

I wonder if that was what she thought, this woman with the seemingly gentle spirit and dark skin. She didn’t even ring the doorbell. She just knocked, and patiently knocked again, all the while standing there on the sunny but very cold porch.

She smiled as she held out her tract relaying what I hope is her deepest belief. I sure hope so given her appearance in the frosty cold to suspicious strangers holding their doors only partially open. I hope she’s not deluding herself in this hard weather for less, questionable, beliefs.

I thought I understood some of these beliefs, having been accosted by less gentle folks than her over the years. Although I can’t remember any being as belligerent as some that have shown up on our doorstep uninvited, and rude. But even with her gentle-seeming voice and demeanor it did not convince me to open the door and invite her in. I already knew that those questions she said she had the answers to were not a part of my beliefs. But I was feeling the cold for me and her and was almost ready to reach out and take the tract she was holding out and talking about. I could already see myself dropping it into the recycle sack as I returned to my seat observing history in the making. But something in me took a quiet stand and I looked at her and gave her a big smile, saying quietly, “I don’t need it.” She smiled back, “You have a blessed day.” I replied, “You too.” And I shut the door on the cold. But not on the questions that she raised being on my porch on this historic of days.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I’m not sure why I was watching. Yes, supposedly its history.
And that does matter to those that have that kind of global world caring view, or say they do anyway. Others only care when it matters to them directly, if it changes their lives in some way, especially some significant way. In some ways this qualifies. In others it’s much too soon to tell. Campaign promises are just promises, like many promises that are given to achieve a goal, they often evaporate from the selective memory when faced with the cold reality that bites at edges of tomorrow.

I don’t think I’ve even seen a person taking office that looked so…relaxed. It was really weird.

And was even weirder to see his young daughter with the same-looking seemingly relaxed demeanor.

Especially since there had to be record number of people there, all there staring at them. Millions of people staring at them….millions and millions of eyes….

Okay, so I can’t say I’ve watched all that many of these things. [Do the above comments apply here?]

But it did seem odd to see his demeanor. He looked… well, he looked smug.

And I thought it was interesting to see the leaving President’s face at some of the comments given in the inaugural address. He gave a little smile. One that seemed to say, ‘just wait. You’ll see what it’s really like in a short time now. Yes, indeed, you’ll see.”

As will we all, as will we all. Promises or no.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things I Learned from the Dog Whisperer

And I don't even have a dog!!!
And we haven't for a long time actually.
But pretty much everyone we know does. And a lot of them are watching the Dog Whisperer.

So being as we are cool, hip people [I hear the peals of laughter ringing out now if our nieces and nephew ever come across this entry!], we decided we should check out the program.
It is amazing to watch this guy work. All the yappy, barky, snarling, growling canines just about lie down and roll over as soon as Cesar walks in their presence.
It's freakin' amazing!
Course the cynic in me wonders how much editing has gone into the segment and how much was edited out.
But it is still an interesting show and worth watching. Even if you don't have a dog.

Which brought me a thought to post to my empty hanging around blogs.
Oh, not that I haven't had Plenty of thoughts!
My skull has been overflowing with thoughts.
They just weren't the kind, a) that I could coherently put down 'on paper' or b) that I would necessarily want out there for all the world to see. Especially since I was really sick for most of December and still trying to get back into feeling 'normal' - or I guess as normal as I get maybe. So I have not necessarily been feeling all that charitable lately. Not mean. I don't think anyway. Just tired and sick, and sick and tired of feeling sick. Cranky-like. But just a little, I swear! Of course my darling husband and good friends might think differently and have different things to say....but this is my blog(s) and I can say what my version is. heh heh heh

But anyway - back to the Dog Whisperer, that has been languishing while I was rambling on my way.... I have learned that a person needs to have a calm spirit inside to be a pack leader to a dog. To be calm and assertive inside. Not mean, not controlling, not punishing. But to, well, almost like being the best you can be - for your dog's sake.

In latest episode I saw he talked about visualizing what it is you want to see and then acting accordingly. A lot of the same advice I've been reading for years now.
But for now, until my dreams of a new super washer and dryer that will do everything I need / want it to do come into reality in my house I better go deal with the loads of laundry I have to do with the washer and dryer I currently have. And am grateful to have, I will most readily say.
I am Very grateful for All the abundance of blessings I have - from material goods I have to the opportunities I am being offered in my writing career, to good friends to help support and care for me along the way.Thanks all.