Friday, January 6, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Is Here You Know

Holidays can really suck. There’s often family stresses and issues, but if you’ve had to deal with, or had friends that have had to deal with, the truly awful disease of Alzheimer’s, then ….well, it came to me recently that for all the jokes about the Zombie Apocalypse coming on us, how many realize it actually is here.

Alzheimer’s is probably worse since zombie’s have the physical resemblance to loved ones, but at least they don’t show the spark of the real person you loved and cared about enough to break your heart and tear it to pieces all over again, and again. Movie zombies get it over quickly at least. And they seem to become zombies quickly. Not like the slow light of recognition dimming in the eyes of a loved one as they first struggle to remember your name, and then struggle to remember you at all.

Even worse is the wearing away of the caretaker trying to deal with it all.

You think the zombie apocalypse isn’t here? Take a look around you.

And if you have any information or help, reach out to those that are dealing with it.

If you are in the Raleigh, North Carolina area here’s a resource to contact to help with relatives with age related issues:

[Note: is a relative. But one that is having to deal with Alzheimer’s as a personal family issue, so does have personal understanding.]

contact Tom Christos, Always Best Care Senior Services at 919-417-8003.

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Contact Information:
Tom Christos 417-8003

This is from a Chamber of Commerce site that is talking about services for Alzheimer’s and asking for donations of materials.

And if you are someone totally brilliant, please show everyone your luminosity by finding a cure for this truly dreadful horrible disease.

Before it overtakes the people you know and love.

May this new year contain great advancements in all areas of good. Including all of us struggling to deal with life, all it deals us, and to write and get published.

To a new year of hope. Of all kinds.