Thursday, December 10, 2009

Books make Excellent Gifts!

Just sayin’ – there’s some Great books out that would look Great in someone’s hands this season. And this winter season curled up and cozy-like. [and No worries about sizes!]

From cozy mysteries such as Emyl Jenkins latest “The Big Steal” - Where you can also impress your friends with your sudden knowledge of antiques.

To Maggie Stiefvater’s several books, her run-away hit “Shiver” with the different take on werewolves and love, to her latest book with her homicidal faeries, “Ballad” [companion to her debut book last year “Lament”] -

And look at fung shui and your love corner with Joni Davis’ fun book – “Feng Shui Love” [can check it out on Wednesday Dec. 16th at Fountain Books. ]

And if you love, or even like horses, or for those that do, be sure to pick up Gigi Amateau’s “Chancey of the Maury River” for them

These are all local – local-ish writers around Richmond, Virginia. To check out their signings and other great Richmond writers such as Dean King, David Robbins, and many Many others, check out James River Writers calendar.

And while you’re there join up and join us at one of the many events JRW has around. We’re a pretty friendly crew – even when our writing is going snarly as Christmas ribbon.

And DO Support your local independent bookstore this season. Richmond, Virginia has several still left in town, although this year has seen some give up and go out of business so do consider helping out your local indie. They have cool gifts and cool people – as witnessed by Fountain Bookstore owner Kelly Justice and her cool helpful staff.

Tis the season to buy Books!

Works as a great gift for all the writers and readers you know! Especially if you give them more than one. ;-D

Just sayin’

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I mean Ho Ho Ho !

Yes, ‘tis the season. And the reason. Okay so not entirely. I mean I was behind the eight-ball in these posts and a Lot of things before the holiday season came barreling down on us so quickly. Just makes things much more frenzy-ribboned.

Not that I’ve wrapped any presents. Or checked the lists to see what we even have. Presents or ribbons. If you should be on my list you definitely should remind me. Before I get choked up in ribbon. And frenzy.

I’m in denial that it’s coming, I know. I was told tonight I wasn’t just cruising on ‘the nile’ [de-nial] that I probably could have a house-boat on it by this time. Course this was in response to asking about my writing and novel writing work. And had to reply that about the most writing I’ve been doing lately [other than for reports and all that] has been copious to-do notes.

Does that count?

Yeah, I don’t think they thought so either.