Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maggie Strikes Again - Check it out

Maggie Stiefvater has done it again.

Not only writing another book to come out in July, continuing the story she started in her successful 'Shiver' book, but she of course being Maggie and all, had to create, make, film, as well as create all the music for, And play most of the instruments for, her new trailer for the book! I know. Sheesh.

Now it's easy to understand why people are missing some talents, sure looks like Maggie, and possibly even her family, got most of them all!

If you haven't read 'Shiver' yet then do read it. You have time before the next books comes out. If you hurry.

Well if you hurry and buy it and start reading. Once you start reading I think the writing and story will take you over so you won't have any problem finishing it in time before the next one.

Yes, it's that good. And yes that well written.

You won't be sorry.

And while you are checking out this trailer for Maggie's latest soon-to-be-out book, be sure to also check out the trailer she did for 'Shiver' since it also shows Maggie's talent with scissors and musical instruments and imagination. Yeah, another Sheesh. But you definitely should check them out.

Here, if I done this right, hopefully this will make it easier. If not go over to her Facebook Fan Page, or one of her blogs and check them out. You won't be sorry, there's Lots of great information that Maggie shares.

She shares a Lot of great information on her blogs, she has one on LiveJournal and she has one on BlogSpot. You can get to hers by clicking on the Friends section of my blogs since I have her linked there.

And here is the plain old link:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Contracts and Business, oh my

For writers looking at the business side of writing, and shouldn’t we All be looking at that? Hmmmm? Unless you are just writing for funsies. In which case you might not need this post. But do stay and tell me about your fun. I could stand to live a little vicariously through someone else sometimes, especially when it comes to writing.

For the rest of us, Chip MacGregor has a great blog entry on what to watch out for on Contracts.

And in case you are new to my blog, or somehow just missed my previous scintillating but few posts, no, Chip MacGregor is not my agent. Yet anyway. I am wise enough to never rule much of anything out. Especially these days. But Chip MacGregor is the agent of another JRW member that I have met. Friend of a friend thing. Happens a lot in the writing community, especially in James River Writers. Which is why you should join. Right Katharine? If you are in the Richmond, Virginia area at a time to come to one of JRWs events do come meet Katharine Herndon JRW Membership Chair.

Anyway, back to business of writing business, in particular Contracts. Duh-duh-ta-duh. Don’t know why that I put that there, it just popped into my head as a musical cue. And yeah, okay, I’m the first to admit this isn’t a Maggie blog, she’d have put in the U-Tube link video for you to enjoy. But I also admit that yes, you do indeed need to check out Maggie’s blog. She has great advice on it. Although I don’t think I quite buy one of her recent entries about how even she ‘sucked’ at things. Yeah, not so much that I’ve seen. If that’s her way of sucking then I’m going to do okay.

But back to the point of this post….sheesh, now you guys see why I do a lot of editing.

Maggie has great advice on her blog, and Chip MacGregor has great advice. [and for the newbies to my blog here, that's Maggie Stiefvater, you'll find a link here in several of my previous posts where I talk about her magnificance.] Maggie has writer’s point of view, Successful writer, I should add. And Chip has advice from an agent’s view. Assume he’s successful since he’s still in business as an agent. ;)

So check out his blog. And Also check out the link to another blog he has in his blog entry. It not only links to a blog that has some really interesting writing tips – Denise, you might want to especially look! I don’t really write the romance novel and I found some great tips there! – but it gives a great nod to Kit Wilkinson’s new novel! Congratulations Kit!!!!

Anyway – that’s it. Here’s the summary. Come on, it’s not like you don’t go digging for distractions when you are trying to avoid writing. Hmmmm? Not that I would know anything about that of course…… oh gee, look at the time, I’ve got things to do…..

May 04, 2010

.......By the way, a cool bit of news today... Steeple Hill's Executive Editor, Joan Marlow Golan is being interviewed over at , and has nice things to say about Kit Wilkinson's new novel, Sabotage...

And for those that really aren’t going to dig….

Here’s Kit’s new novel mention ;)

Yay Kit!!!

And of course she welcomesinnovative stories, such as SABOTAGE by Kit Wilkinson (June 2010), in which the heroine, a horsewoman, is an Olympic hopeful, and the hero, her temporary groom, has actually been hired by her father as a personal bodyguard.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Smile that was Emyl

I actually have two blogs that I don’t post much to, on LiveJournal I go by sgchris, on BlogSpot by Bemused Writer. I mention that because I am certainly bemused these days. Not amused, bemused. Now that we have that straight....

I have been silent here for quite awhile. A friend of mine got ill suddenly a few weeks ago, then seemingly just as suddenly passed away. Worse since she passed out of my life and all the other writers lives. I spent the weekend listening to the people she had touched, writer and non-writer alike. Emyl Jenkins was many things to many people, gardening enthusiast, writer, author, friend.

Her husband Bob was showing us a slide show of pictures of Emyl he had put together in her honor on her Mac computer. As pictures of a smiling Emyl flowed by we were all reminded of the loss to our lives. And especially to Bob’s. In all the pictures he had rotating there only one that was Emyl not smiling, looking almost contemplative. I realized I don’t know that I ever remember seeing her not smiling. And how that picture of Emyl didn’t even quite look like her.

Emyl’s family said Emyl wanted everyone to think happy thoughts. Well, as I told her daughter, Emyl wasn’t going to get her way today. And her daughter and I knew how much Emyl was used to, and liked getting her way. ;) Sorry Emyl, we know it’s true. ;) But Emyl’s not going to get her way today because the happy thoughts have eluded me just as the smile that was Emyl has gone from my life.

Yes Emyl’s legacy lives on in every writer she encouraged and prodded. But it’s not quite the same as having her smile lighting our way. Is it?

Shoot I can’t even say R.I.P. since as long as I’ve known her I never saw her rest let alone Rest In Peace, So I Certainly can’t imagine her doing that now!

I miss you Emyl. And your smile.