Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Smile that was Emyl

I actually have two blogs that I don’t post much to, on LiveJournal I go by sgchris, on BlogSpot by Bemused Writer. I mention that because I am certainly bemused these days. Not amused, bemused. Now that we have that straight....

I have been silent here for quite awhile. A friend of mine got ill suddenly a few weeks ago, then seemingly just as suddenly passed away. Worse since she passed out of my life and all the other writers lives. I spent the weekend listening to the people she had touched, writer and non-writer alike. Emyl Jenkins was many things to many people, gardening enthusiast, writer, author, friend.

Her husband Bob was showing us a slide show of pictures of Emyl he had put together in her honor on her Mac computer. As pictures of a smiling Emyl flowed by we were all reminded of the loss to our lives. And especially to Bob’s. In all the pictures he had rotating there only one that was Emyl not smiling, looking almost contemplative. I realized I don’t know that I ever remember seeing her not smiling. And how that picture of Emyl didn’t even quite look like her.

Emyl’s family said Emyl wanted everyone to think happy thoughts. Well, as I told her daughter, Emyl wasn’t going to get her way today. And her daughter and I knew how much Emyl was used to, and liked getting her way. ;) Sorry Emyl, we know it’s true. ;) But Emyl’s not going to get her way today because the happy thoughts have eluded me just as the smile that was Emyl has gone from my life.

Yes Emyl’s legacy lives on in every writer she encouraged and prodded. But it’s not quite the same as having her smile lighting our way. Is it?

Shoot I can’t even say R.I.P. since as long as I’ve known her I never saw her rest let alone Rest In Peace, So I Certainly can’t imagine her doing that now!

I miss you Emyl. And your smile.

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