Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dark of Day musing

The day has clouded over much the way our thinking has clouded. Perhaps not filled so much with the dark of conflict and storm but with the grey of indecision. © sc,3/30/11

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Consequences and Choices

Consequences and Choices for writers....

And for Sheri, a talk about boxes. :::snicker:::
And to really think of them as buckets rather than boxes.

But for the rest of us out of the boxes -- boxes, not boxers. sheesh people. And I know it wasn't just my brain going there! ....... Was it? Of course I was thinking of boxer dog breed, of course. :::whistle, scuff::::

Anyway - This is a Great article I stumbled across. Of all places, on Twitter.
Yes, I have finally succumbed to the pressure. I have a Twitter now. And a twitch too probably. And yes, it's probably not a coincidence.

While I'm still floundering all over the Twitter tweet-scape I tripped over this -

A Bucket List for Writers

A guest post by Larry Brooks of

........ "When your writing ceases to be commercial you’ve just shot yourself in the foot – at least if your goal is to turn pro – perhaps in the name of art.

The concept of selling out isn’t about writing commercially, it’s about writing at a level that’s beneath you, which is a completely different thing." ......

Check out the whole post for some great insight and ideas. It is really good. Even if just for a new way to look at boxes. :::sly grin::::

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading, Writing, Reading, Why

I was reading a book review on a blog. One of those internet clicking things. You start out, oh, say, on Facebook. Next thing you know you’re in a blog galaxy far far away.
Interesting on the particular blog I was reading this book review on [in that far away blog galaxy somewhere] the person started out talking about why we read.
Why we read.
Hmmm, rates up there with trying to answer why we write doesn’t it?
How do you really answer that.
I’ve read longer than I’ve written. Okay so perhaps just longer than I thought about being a little more public with my writing.

The person went on about all the different reasons etc...of why people read.

Why I read. Because it’s there. Phfffff. I mean really.

Course that’s actually the answer to why I write too. Multi-purpose answer. Cool.

So yeah, there can be a lot of reasons, good, varied, or even weird [not that we don’t want to hear about those...... okay so maybe we don’t] but the real reason for me really is, because it’s there.
I’m an eclectic, and pretty much equal opportunity reader. I’ll give you the chance. So don’t bore me or tick me off with your writing.
I know most of you are better than that. So do it.

I also usually have several books going at once. For different reasons. From reading something that relates, in some weird way perhaps but still relates, to whatever writing I am currently working on. I also usually have something going for reading for just simply enjoyment, hopefully anyway - see above comment. Then there’s reading whatever someone loaned me because they are crazy about the books [Thank you Denise ;) ] Not to mention reading books by people you know, people you plan to meet, people you’ll think you’ll meet. Gee, that blog writer was right, we do read for a lot of reasons. And not one of these that I read for was mentioned. Huh.
But then still comes back to.... I’m reading it because it’s here in my hands. Or soon will be as soon as I get off here and get back to it.

So why do you read? Or just answer what you are reading. Especially if you are willing to loan it to me to read. ;-D

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Writing Processes

It’s interesting how different we all are as writers. We all have our own voices, our own way of writing, our own way of doing things.
Our own writing process.

It’s interesting hearing and reading about other’s writing processes, isn’t it.
I was asked to write about my writing process over on Sarcastic Broads.
I didn’t tell them the first thought I had was,
I have a writing process?

uhm, yeah, of course I do. I’m sure I do. Of course.... :::voice trailing off::::

I’m sure I do. I must have..... Somewhere.

It must be lost somewhere. Yeah, that must be it.

Obviously I must go find it now......

For the thought After reading some of the other’s writing process.... well, I’ll leave you to read my post over there.

What about you, you have a writing process?

Does it require muttering and shuffling?

Maybe I should hear about it.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Just because the wind blows fierce
does not necessarily mean it is bitter


Friday, March 4, 2011

What You're Missing

What you missed by not attending last night's charity event and book talk and signing with Connor's Heroes and authors Ellen Brown and Elizabeth Thalhimer Smartt.

And what you miss when you don't attend book talks. You miss out on a Lot!

It was an interesting group and had wonderful questions.
Both authors were warm and sharing, and very very interesting. And shared new information they had just discovered / heard this week.

Am I going to share it with you? .......Nope. Cruel? Perhaps.

I will share this - Elizabeth, who has written the book 'Finding Thalhimers' is a very compelling speaker.
I will confess I had not purchased the book before since I'm not a native Richmonder or even grew up anywhere in the area, I didn't think I would find it very relevant, but she was so compelling in her speaking last night it was my husband lining up to buy her book! And he didn't grow up in Richmond either!
Yes, she's That good!

Of course Ellen Brown is just as savvy and just as compelling. I'd already purchased her book,

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind: A Bestseller’s Odyssey from Atlanta to Hollywood

and had my husband grab it before I could even open it!
After hearing Ellen talk we both decided we must read Ellen's book before we tackle 'Gone With the Wind' [before I tackle it again....from long ago. A whole different story.]

But hopefully this will help you decide to go next time you see an event scheduled to hear an author talk.

Checking with your local indie bookseller is a good place to start.
Where ever you are located.

Here in Richmond we still have a few indie booksellers left around. Like the sharp, savvy, and not-hard-on-the-eyes-at-all Kelly Justice of Fountain Bookstore.
Check out the author events. And attend them. Even if you can't always afford to buy the books. Most people understand, and I think most people would rather have you fill an empty chair than not come at all?
As a writer you'll Always learn something.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Books, Fun and Charity

Can things get any better than that?

I mean really - a Really Good excuse to buy a book!

Actually good excuse to buy Two! Even Better!

Add to that the charity is asking you to go shopping and bring some things to give kids with cancer, and gives you an excuse to get to look at things writers like to look at anyway - cards, notepaper, journals, sketchbooks [doesn't Everyone Need a Sketchbook?]
Am I right?
You bring them the stuff they will give you things in return. Seems good to me.

Here's the scoop:

Meet the Authors at Gibson’s Grill
March 3, 2011

On Thursday, March 3 from 7-9 pm, bring your book club, your neighbors, your colleagues and friends and spend a fun evening with local authors, Ellen Firsching Brown and Elizabeth Thalhimer Smartt at Gibson's Grill.

Ellen's book, Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind: A Bestseller's Odyssey, will be released on February 18 at Fountain Bookstore and is sure to be a hit!

Elizabeth's book, Finding Thalhimers, was released at the end of 2010 to rave reviews.

Both women are incredibly charming and will offer interesting stories of their journeys into authorship.

Of course, they will also have copies of their book available and will be happy to include a personalized autograph.

Both authors are graciously donating a portion of the books sold that night to Connor's Heroes!

We're asking everyone who attends to bring at least $25 worth of items from our Heroes Bags and Backpacks wishlist (click here to view our wishlist).

In exchange, you'll receive a free drink ticket, complimentary hors d'oeuvres, and invigorating conversation with our authors and invited guests.

Gibson's Grill is located at the corner of 7th and Broad Streets, adjacent to The National. We'll be meeting in the underground lounge, a chic and comfortable area to mix and mingle. Many thanks to Gibson's for being wonderful supporters of Connor's Heroes!

Connor’s Heroes Foundation Conquering Childhood Cancer
Wish List for Heroes Bags and Backpacks
• Hand Lotion • Hand Sanitizer (like Purel) • Antibacterial wipes
• Tissues (large boxes and travel size) • Mints
• Notecards/writing paper*
• Stamps*
• Journals (adult and child)*
• Suduko or Crossword puzzles
• Slipper socks*
• Disposable cameras*
• Bubbles • Lego kits or small model kit • Nail polish/lip gloss kits
• Jewelry making kits • Craft kits
• Card games (Uno, Phase 10, playing cards)*
• Black velvet coloring page/markers • Brain teaser games/puzzles
• Small dolls • Sticker books
• Sketch books*
• Dry Erase Boards*
• Crayons and markers
• Infant learning toys*
• Toddler toys (Cars/trucks, Dinosaurs, Princess/Dora, etc)
• Hand-held Leapster game with cartridges*
• Portable DVD Player*
• DVDs (child appropriate, G, PG, PG-13, no violence)*
• Personal CD players with headphones*
• CDs (children’s, teens, and relaxation sounds)*
*Although all items listed are needed, starred items (*) are most needed at this time. We ask that all donated items be new as children with cancer must avoid germs.

Looks like it's all going to be good! Right?