Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Consequences and Choices

Consequences and Choices for writers....

And for Sheri, a talk about boxes. :::snicker:::
And to really think of them as buckets rather than boxes.

But for the rest of us out of the boxes -- boxes, not boxers. sheesh people. And I know it wasn't just my brain going there! ....... Was it? Of course I was thinking of boxer dog breed, of course. :::whistle, scuff::::

Anyway - This is a Great article I stumbled across. Of all places, on Twitter.
Yes, I have finally succumbed to the pressure. I have a Twitter now. And a twitch too probably. And yes, it's probably not a coincidence.

While I'm still floundering all over the Twitter tweet-scape I tripped over this -

A Bucket List for Writers

A guest post by Larry Brooks of Storyfix.com

........ "When your writing ceases to be commercial you’ve just shot yourself in the foot – at least if your goal is to turn pro – perhaps in the name of art.

The concept of selling out isn’t about writing commercially, it’s about writing at a level that’s beneath you, which is a completely different thing." ......

Check out the whole post for some great insight and ideas. It is really good. Even if just for a new way to look at boxes. :::sly grin::::

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