Friday, March 4, 2011

What You're Missing

What you missed by not attending last night's charity event and book talk and signing with Connor's Heroes and authors Ellen Brown and Elizabeth Thalhimer Smartt.

And what you miss when you don't attend book talks. You miss out on a Lot!

It was an interesting group and had wonderful questions.
Both authors were warm and sharing, and very very interesting. And shared new information they had just discovered / heard this week.

Am I going to share it with you? .......Nope. Cruel? Perhaps.

I will share this - Elizabeth, who has written the book 'Finding Thalhimers' is a very compelling speaker.
I will confess I had not purchased the book before since I'm not a native Richmonder or even grew up anywhere in the area, I didn't think I would find it very relevant, but she was so compelling in her speaking last night it was my husband lining up to buy her book! And he didn't grow up in Richmond either!
Yes, she's That good!

Of course Ellen Brown is just as savvy and just as compelling. I'd already purchased her book,

Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind: A Bestseller’s Odyssey from Atlanta to Hollywood

and had my husband grab it before I could even open it!
After hearing Ellen talk we both decided we must read Ellen's book before we tackle 'Gone With the Wind' [before I tackle it again....from long ago. A whole different story.]

But hopefully this will help you decide to go next time you see an event scheduled to hear an author talk.

Checking with your local indie bookseller is a good place to start.
Where ever you are located.

Here in Richmond we still have a few indie booksellers left around. Like the sharp, savvy, and not-hard-on-the-eyes-at-all Kelly Justice of Fountain Bookstore.
Check out the author events. And attend them. Even if you can't always afford to buy the books. Most people understand, and I think most people would rather have you fill an empty chair than not come at all?
As a writer you'll Always learn something.

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