Sunday, March 20, 2011

Writing Processes

It’s interesting how different we all are as writers. We all have our own voices, our own way of writing, our own way of doing things.
Our own writing process.

It’s interesting hearing and reading about other’s writing processes, isn’t it.
I was asked to write about my writing process over on Sarcastic Broads.
I didn’t tell them the first thought I had was,
I have a writing process?

uhm, yeah, of course I do. I’m sure I do. Of course.... :::voice trailing off::::

I’m sure I do. I must have..... Somewhere.

It must be lost somewhere. Yeah, that must be it.

Obviously I must go find it now......

For the thought After reading some of the other’s writing process.... well, I’ll leave you to read my post over there.

What about you, you have a writing process?

Does it require muttering and shuffling?

Maybe I should hear about it.

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