Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reading, Writing, Reading, Why

I was reading a book review on a blog. One of those internet clicking things. You start out, oh, say, on Facebook. Next thing you know you’re in a blog galaxy far far away.
Interesting on the particular blog I was reading this book review on [in that far away blog galaxy somewhere] the person started out talking about why we read.
Why we read.
Hmmm, rates up there with trying to answer why we write doesn’t it?
How do you really answer that.
I’ve read longer than I’ve written. Okay so perhaps just longer than I thought about being a little more public with my writing.

The person went on about all the different reasons etc...of why people read.

Why I read. Because it’s there. Phfffff. I mean really.

Course that’s actually the answer to why I write too. Multi-purpose answer. Cool.

So yeah, there can be a lot of reasons, good, varied, or even weird [not that we don’t want to hear about those...... okay so maybe we don’t] but the real reason for me really is, because it’s there.
I’m an eclectic, and pretty much equal opportunity reader. I’ll give you the chance. So don’t bore me or tick me off with your writing.
I know most of you are better than that. So do it.

I also usually have several books going at once. For different reasons. From reading something that relates, in some weird way perhaps but still relates, to whatever writing I am currently working on. I also usually have something going for reading for just simply enjoyment, hopefully anyway - see above comment. Then there’s reading whatever someone loaned me because they are crazy about the books [Thank you Denise ;) ] Not to mention reading books by people you know, people you plan to meet, people you’ll think you’ll meet. Gee, that blog writer was right, we do read for a lot of reasons. And not one of these that I read for was mentioned. Huh.
But then still comes back to.... I’m reading it because it’s here in my hands. Or soon will be as soon as I get off here and get back to it.

So why do you read? Or just answer what you are reading. Especially if you are willing to loan it to me to read. ;-D

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