Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things I Learned from the Dog Whisperer

And I don't even have a dog!!!
And we haven't for a long time actually.
But pretty much everyone we know does. And a lot of them are watching the Dog Whisperer.

So being as we are cool, hip people [I hear the peals of laughter ringing out now if our nieces and nephew ever come across this entry!], we decided we should check out the program.
It is amazing to watch this guy work. All the yappy, barky, snarling, growling canines just about lie down and roll over as soon as Cesar walks in their presence.
It's freakin' amazing!
Course the cynic in me wonders how much editing has gone into the segment and how much was edited out.
But it is still an interesting show and worth watching. Even if you don't have a dog.

Which brought me a thought to post to my empty hanging around blogs.
Oh, not that I haven't had Plenty of thoughts!
My skull has been overflowing with thoughts.
They just weren't the kind, a) that I could coherently put down 'on paper' or b) that I would necessarily want out there for all the world to see. Especially since I was really sick for most of December and still trying to get back into feeling 'normal' - or I guess as normal as I get maybe. So I have not necessarily been feeling all that charitable lately. Not mean. I don't think anyway. Just tired and sick, and sick and tired of feeling sick. Cranky-like. But just a little, I swear! Of course my darling husband and good friends might think differently and have different things to say....but this is my blog(s) and I can say what my version is. heh heh heh

But anyway - back to the Dog Whisperer, that has been languishing while I was rambling on my way.... I have learned that a person needs to have a calm spirit inside to be a pack leader to a dog. To be calm and assertive inside. Not mean, not controlling, not punishing. But to, well, almost like being the best you can be - for your dog's sake.

In latest episode I saw he talked about visualizing what it is you want to see and then acting accordingly. A lot of the same advice I've been reading for years now.
But for now, until my dreams of a new super washer and dryer that will do everything I need / want it to do come into reality in my house I better go deal with the loads of laundry I have to do with the washer and dryer I currently have. And am grateful to have, I will most readily say.
I am Very grateful for All the abundance of blessings I have - from material goods I have to the opportunities I am being offered in my writing career, to good friends to help support and care for me along the way.Thanks all.

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