Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free Books!

Free Books to good homes!

Okay, so none of mine, yet. Although I have taken a few of the books I have read around here to donate to my local library.
I think more have been bought at their sale and come into my house perhaps, much to husband's dismay. But hey, we must support our local library, right? And Several of those books were bought for or by him. So these are not all my books to read stacked around here. Books are very decorative anyway. And functional.

But enough about what I should be doing right now. Hint, yes, it's either reading books for JRW Conference, or writing on my own books-in-progress.
Or the myriad of 'real' life things that plague.... er, concern us all.
But regardless of the state of our reading pile, or state of our laundry pile, we All want more books, don't we.
Especially if they are Free!

So I share this with you for that opportunity - Ricki Schultz blog.
Yes, the same that was at the James River Writers Writing Show just the other night.
She's giving away books. For Free. Here.

I'm going over to enter as well. Hey, I have a couple of chairs that are still empty.
You aren't sitting in them now after all.

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