Saturday, May 28, 2011

Missed Writing Show?

For those of you that missed the Writing Show the other night you might want to check this out.

Or even if you were there at the Writing Show and are having trouble reading all your scribbled notes right now.

This emphasizes what ‘face-panelist’ Dan Blank was talking to us about just the other night.

Course, as another struggling writer and I were discussing, there are no clear answers on how to do all this networking and all, and juggle writing, and jobs, and ‘real’ life.

But at least when we gather at all the JRW venues and in all the on-line communities we are supposed to be forging and putting together, we have lots of company.

So at least that’s comforting, and sometimes even helpful. Since we are hanging out with a whole bunch of smart people, and interesting people. Right?

Since come on, you aren't going to convince me that your characters are all that smart or all that interesting All the time.

So come join us at James River Writers events. Where a great bunch of writers hang out in 'real' life.

You missed the Writing Show for May already, don't miss the JRW fundraiser coming up June 4th. And the Writers Wednesday gathering, and the..... Well, just go check out all the places you can come mingle with us. [click here]

And come join our community. We can be a Lot more fun in person than online. Trust me. :::grin::::

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