Friday, May 13, 2011


Joseph Papa, why yes, the one with the fabulous hair, the same, who also happens to be a publicist for a major New York publisher, gave a fabulous talk at the lovely Library of Virginia the other night, on book he has out that he has written [so yes I guess he does know what it's like to walk in our writer shoes, even if he doesn't know what it's like to have ordinary hair], on Elizabeth Taylor.

•Elizabeth Taylor: A Passion for Life by Joseph Papa

And why yes, you can get it at the Library of Virginia - I watched him sign extra books for them. [they had to run out and bring in extra!]

And also at Richmond's own Fountain Bookstore.


It really was a fabulously interesting talk.

[and yes, his hair really was fabulous - I believe the fabulous Ellen Brown got a snapshot]

[and since this post is about fabulous, check out Ellen's book on Gone With the Wind.

Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind: A Bestseller's Odyssey from Atlanta to Hollywood

What an extraordinary woman she was. Elizabeth Taylor. [Ellen Brown is also ...which obviously I must post about sometime....after I get book writing done I think since she's always giving me that stern eye about getting to it, instead of ...well, probably this. But I will get back to them Ellen, after I finish this!]

Elizabeth Taylor was an extraordinary woman.

In more ways than one. Like she not Only had violet eyes, she had a double set of eyelashes. How's that for extraordinary.

Such interesting things about a woman that was extraordinary. And especially for her ability to survive.

You'll just have to pick up Joseph's book to find out more.

It will be even better to go hear him talk when you pick up the book so you can hear all the interesting things he knows that didn't make it to the book. [Yes, Fabulous things.]

Course you can't have a conversation about the fabulous Liz without mentioning her fabulous jewels.

Which are to be auctioned off.

I like this quote attributed to her here -

"Good Morning America" took a look at Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry collection, reportedly valued at $150 million.

The icon once talked to Barbara Walters about her love for all-things-bling, explaining, "The beauty, the perfection, God's workmanship. They're all from the ground." Her affinity for gemstones began as a child and continued as she counted husbands. Walters asked her if it was awkward for her new men to see their predecessor's presents. "So I've been told," Liz remarked. What did she do about it? "Encourage them to give me more." Naturally.

I like that so much.

Except I have one husband....and there hasn't been a predecessor for a very long time.... hmmmm, wonder how the fabulous Liz would have worked that with jewelry?

Or just worked that one husband thing.....

Is fabulous what we make it? And that was her real extraordinary gift?

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