Friday, May 27, 2011

Need an Agent?

You can have an opportunity to mingle and actually pitch a New York agent at the James River Writers Conference in October.

So get to finishing your works in progress and practicing your pitches.

If nothing else be sure to check out the Pitchapalooza event at the Conference this year, and participate of course!

But if you are looking for an agent, get ready to sign up for the Agent slots when the Conference registration comes up on the James River Writers website in June.

In the meantime, check out the JRW Conference blog with news and teasers.

And be sure to check out the current talk on wonderful agent Michelle Brower coming to the Conference to hear about your wonderful writing - in 5 - 7 minutes or less of course. Yes, you are timed.
So use your time wisely grasshopper.
Including getting ready for the great James River Writer Conference in October.

If you can come to all, or even some, of the James River Writer events going on every month you can get to know people before the Conference so you won't have to feel so alone when you walk in the doors at the lovely Library of Virginia.
Although we're a pretty friendly bunch, for a bunch of hunched up writers [and awkward socializers also], so come to the Conference anyway, I bet you'll come away with a bunch of new writer friends. And maybe even an agent.

After all, where else are you going to really fit in? We can all stand around and be awkward together and nobody thinks it's weird. How great is that!

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