Thursday, August 7, 2008

Strange things, in the air

Trying to work with an aircraft hovering nearby banging at the windows is a bit difficult.

That it’s a legged kind not a metallic one is somehow not a lot of consolation. A bit, of course, but still, the thing is huge! Even for some kind of flying bug!

At first there was just scrabbling noises at the windows. Which I took to be the strange squirrel that sometimes decides to launch himself at our picture window in some kind of effort to….
Well, I’m not exactly sure what he’s trying to do. Wonder if he is some kind of relation to the psychotic squirrels our friends on north side of Richmond have.

But when the scrabbling noise changed to another window – one Much higher on house, it went from being annoying to concerning. Did I mention our friends on north side of Richmond have really psychotic squirrels?

I wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or not when I found the cause.
No squirrel, but the biggest flying bug type object I’ve ever seen! And worse – on the Inside of the window!

I think it might be a wasp of some kind. It has taken to buzzing and banging against all the windows in front and back of house, and moved over to window at side of house which is right beside me.
So I have had more time than I care, to have seen it, and its size, as it has zoomed around my space more than a few times. More than a bit unnerving. Which why I have ended up writing this than working on my neglected novel. Easier to do quick get away from.

I’ve debated about searching the house for some kind of gargantuan gaping hole where the ‘thing’ got in. But decided against it, for now.
Don’t particularly want to run into it if it decides to try to get back out that way. Or run into any of its minions if it decides it really likes it here and wants them to come by for a visit, or more. Besides, it’s August, in Virginia. If there was a big gaping hole somewhere I’d surely feel it. The hot humid air alone would be enough to send me keeling over my keyboard in fatigue. [Not to mention sweat.]

No, I think I’ll leave it alone – if it leaves me alone. At least till my husband gets home.
Hopefully I won’t have been carted off somewhere before he does. Psychotic squirrels don’t employ flying minions do they?

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