Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Summer breath

Do you feel it? As you move through the summer heat and bright sun.
Moving slowly so not to overexert and bring on more heat than one can bear
Shielding eyes and hair and skin from too harsh rays bearing upon them
Even as they glory in the days,
the flowers, the trees, the rays
they grow tired and begin to droop
they have fought well all through the heat
to stay upright and strong and vital
but now they have begun to leak their color
little by little
the vibrant of spring green gave way to deep of summer warmth
but as if the struggle has grown too much
the green has begun to slowly fade its color
little by little
day by day
it seems to grow a little more tired
Do you feel it? As you move slowly through heat and sun.
Do you feel it hovering near?
Autumn’s breath misting upon the neck

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