Friday, March 5, 2010

Personal stories, advice…and a bit of fun

Okay so since it’s Friday. And been rather a ‘tense’ week. I thought I’d put this out there for those of you that have been having ‘tense’ weeks of your own.

I get email blog stuff from agent Chip McGregor [no he’s not my agent but he is of one of the members of James River Writers]

[I’m always researching / collecting agents for when I’m finally ready for that though, hopefully by end of year, so if you have a Really good one to share let me know!]

and his latest has to do with writing or helping with personal stories. So if any of you are in that type of situation, or might potentially find yourself in one, you might want to check out this blog first –

if you just want a snicker or two to lighten the load today just check it out for his great humor here. That’s what I came away with.

And I didn’t even have to pee my pants. ;-D
Check out the blog for that reference – it’s funny. At least I thought it was. And this is my blog. ;)

Er, I’m not sure I want to know if you wet your pants or not.

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