Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm Tired Already...

Just Reading this blog of the Real realities of writing, the writing life. And being a good, and successful writer.
Makes me tired.
Or more tired.
Course Spring allergies might have too much to do with that as well. yay spring.

But in a few blog posts ago here there was semi discussion / blathering about why we read. Or since this is my blog, why I read.
I realized from a comment posted of why a friend reads that the why's and wherefores of my reading has changed over the years. I've read to escape pain, mental, emotional and physical pain. Read to alleviate boredom and waiting. Read just for the enjoyment and joy of it.
And as I've moved into the fringes of the writing world, I've also noticed my reading has changed. I still do read for the enjoyment. But sometimes that is few and far between.
I find myself reading more to study and compare what I am writing to see how my writing stacks up, which also lets me get a study of what my competition is and how well they are doing. Also, what they seem to be doing right with marketing that I need to keep an eye on.

As I am reading for my 'business' I hopefully find the enjoyment of reading can coincide with it. But even if it doesn't, I still learn a lot. And that's never a bad thing.

I was going to do a blog entry, someday soon I am sure, and wonderfully brilliant of course, on why I read.
But as I said I'm tired, and this is a great post that says it well -- on writing. But if look at it as a reader, why I read. Why I probably really read.

And in case you are as tired, or more tired, I'll post the part that sums up why to read, why to write. But do go read the whole post. It is Really good.

"The truth is, the joy of writing isn’t the writing itself. It’s seeing your ideas spread. It’s seeing them touch other people. It’s seeing them take root within the minds of those people, where they continue to grow into something more wonderful than you could have ever imagined. ....."

".....Words aren’t just words, you see. They’re the medium through which writers accomplish change.

Great writers don’t just inform you. They don’t just entertain you. They don’t just persuade you. They change you, leaving you a slightly different person than you were before you read their work. "

Here's to being different.

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