Thursday, November 17, 2011

Something in the Air? Or Funks and Writers Block

Or funks and slumps and …. well, some people don’t believe in writer’s block. But when you’re experiencing a funky slump, or whatever you want to call it when no words are coming to your mind at all for writing…. And you aren’t even reading. That’s definitely not a happy dancing place.

So how do you get out of it?

As I’ve tried to get out of the deep trench of emptiness that seems to have taken over my brain I have stumbled across interesting information that I needed at this time.

And I found not only that I wasn’t the only one that had been in an awful funk, so had the Editor of Writer’s Digest - just check out this part of the recent free e-newsletter -

Letter From the Editor

Lately I've been in a funk. Personal funk. Professional funk. Writing funk. And, as many of you probably already know, I don't tolerate funks well and will go to great lengths to get out of them. One article that helped me was 4 Ways Inspiration Helps You Beat Writer's Block, which helped me learn that instead of looking for inspiration, sometimes it's better to let it find you. I also found comfort after reading Your Job Is To Write, Not Worry, a piece designed to remind you what is really important when your heart and soul is devoted to being a writer.

Also, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite members of the WD team, Marielle Murphy, in my latest installment ofWD Editors Are Writers Too. If it weren't for her "Friday Fun Fact" e-mails, I wouldn't have known that slugs have 4 noses! I'm eternally grateful for that.

Okay I’m not saying that misery loves company, and that info’ on the slugs….. Ewwwww.

I’m saying it is nice to know that I’ve not been the only aberration in the writing world these days. Especially with NaNoWriMo in full swing and there’s clacking of keys to be heard all over, even in the next chair.

It wasn’t just the felt commiseration, it was the articles of inspiration and encouragement.

Like this one:


Hmmmm, maybe I can convince key-clacker in chair next to me that while he seems to be cranking out the writing for NaNo, the inspiration suggestion of going away and changing the scene might really help me and be what I need right now. I guess maybe the Thailand elephant suggestion might be a little much? But he might think a change of scenery might help him as well. Elephant or not.

So what do you do to get out of your slumps? Especially writing slumps.

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