Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting Time

Time is something that most of us seem to have in such short supply.  Yes, some are busier than others.  But then again, is it simply the choices we make?  Or that make us.
With money we all have different amounts we have access to, but then a lot of it is the choices we make about how we handle it.
Is time the same thing?  After all, we all have the same amount of time to start with.  24 hours in a day.  It’s what we choose for those hours that make a difference.

I mentioned in previous blog post about taking a class on how to control clutter.  Yeah, well, I have wrestled some to ground, so to speak, but is still a work in progress.
But there is some progress.  Which is a good thing.  As was mentioned in blog post, seeing progress encourages us to keep going with our projects.
And to encourage everyone Debbie has created something extra to help us, 

12 Month Clutter Clearing Community

Recently she sent out to her 12 Month Clutter Clearing Community 10 steps to start getting what you really want from your time. 
 [See below.  Especially the First one.  Okay here it is in case you might miss it - 

Focus on what you really want in life and remind yourself daily that tending your time carefully is the only way you’ll get it.

I thought it was interesting timing since last night was JRW’s monthly casual get together, Writers Wednesday.  Yes, despite the dreadful weather there were several of us that turned out.
We all made time to gather together and talk writing.  And since as writers we Must also be readers, we also talk reading and books, as well as writing.  [Not to mention Other things.] So don’t ever feel like you would never fit in.
Good Times!

Which there never seems to be enough of.  
Especially as writers, that have lives to manage, and jobs to do.
We often wonder how other writers get so much done - Talking about Maggie! - which as she has told us, and told us in her blog, she makes choices….. So these steps from Debbie are something interesting to look at and think about.
Especially when we are ready to get serious about our dreams.
If that is writing then we are pretty good around here at encouraging that.

In the meantime you might go take a look at Debbie’s blog and sign up for her emails as well.
After all as we get our time, and our life, under control, there’s hope that it will help us get our writing under control right?

Recently sent out to Debbie Bowie’s Clutter Clearing Community -

12 Month Clutter Clearing Community

Ten Steps to Adding More Time in Your Day 
Focus on what you really want in life and remind yourself daily that tending your time carefully is the only way you’ll get it.
Identify the tasks that are the best use of your time (your frogs).
Identify the tasks you are doing that aren’t the best use of your time.
Delegate or hire outside help for tasks that aren’t the best use of your time.
Schedule time on your calendar for tasks that must get done by you. Don’t leave essential tasks to chance – just get them done and be done with them.
Identify YOUR time robbers and commit to eliminating them.
If you know you are not good at estimating how long it will take to get something done, double or triple your best guess and act as if that’s the time it will take to do tasks.
Embrace the freedom of saying NO to obligations you don’t really want to do that will eat your time.

Set simple, realistic task goals every day and give yourself time to work on your goals. Remember the number of goals you set for yourself is always your choice.
Step 10 QUICK TIP: if you have a task you know will take less than one minute to do, get in the habit of doing it immediately. This will give you a huge sense of relief and eliminate the mental stress that comes from tasks building-up. Get it done and let it go.
Where can you make time this week to take action? Below, list ways you
can make this happen.
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I’d love to hear anything that this TIP SHEET has stirred up for you. I invite you to post your questions and comments or start a

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