Saturday, March 29, 2014

Drowning in Social Media Or Really, the Freaking Thing Stole all my Words

So.       Does Absence Really make the heart grow fonder?

You must be Really fond of me by now.


I do have a whole lot of reasons for being ‘gone’ from here.   I really was gone from here with family emergencies and things that life throws at you that there’s no choice but take care of.
But life goes on, doesn’t it.

So.  Anyway.    I will try to do this better.     Especially given the Social Media class we recently spur-of-moment attended. — More on that later.

But I am, like most writers I know, trying desperately to get the book I am working on Finished.
Well, as I keep telling some other writer friends, give up on waiting until you get it perfect, it’s never going to happen.  You are constantly growing as a writer - at least I sure hope you are!
So get it as good as you can today.   As good as you can, at this moment, make it.

Everyone is stretched in so many different directions these days.    As a writer trying to write, And do social media things, puts even more tasking on us and our time.
Maybe even on our words?

Does anyone else feel like that?    
That you’ve used up all your words either in writing on your manuscript or on your social media stuff.

I was going to name this post something simple - I admit it - bland.  

Social Media and Writers

But somehow the title just came out.

Drowning in Social Media Or Really, the  Freaking Thing Stole all my Words

Maybe it’s just all the other life stresses but felt like there were only so many words crammed in my head and, well, once I had used them, nothing was left over for anything else.  I had to choose.

Which makes me think of a great tweet I saw -

 @janetzipper: What you choose to do everyday will either move you forward or keep you where you are. #motivate #success

So today I moved forward a little.  I think.    But then I haven’t written anything on my book today either.

How ‘bout you?

Any tips on how you balance it all?    How you manage to move forward?


Joshua Paul Cane said...

I definitely relate. I have Finished, but it isn't finished. It's never finished. And I look at what others write and it appears so effortless.

sgchris said...

Exactly! It's Never done, especially perfect, since - hopefully - we're always growing as writers and learning to do it better.

As for your second line --- Definitely read my previous blog post. One right before this. The heading is procrastination, but I probably should redo it sometime since it's so much more.

Like the bottom part - about how we Never see the struggles and first drafts - or 10th drafts of good writers.
We only see their finished - Very polished end result.
As I quoted in bottom of the post -

“The reason we struggle with"insecurity,” says Pastor Steven Furtick, “is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.

Sound familiar?

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!!