Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bemused at Time Passing

Where does all the time go? I turn around and it's been forever since I've posted anything. What is with all that?! Sure doesn't seem that long, that's for sure!
I'm certainly bemused by that!
Bemused Writer sitting bemused by life at the moment. All the unexpected things that come at you.

According to definition I found Bemused is 1) to make confused : Puzzle, Bewilder 2) to occupy the attention of : Distract, Absorb.

Which all apply right now. I’m Bewildered that I am a writer to begin with, how did I come to find myself in this place? Sometimes I’m bewildered by all the wonderful writers I know and have come in contact with. Which I do know is because of James River Writers in Richmond, Virginia.
And 2) I am distracted by all those musings etc.. from working on my books.

Okay, so part of that is maybe partly excuse. Writing is Really hard work! Or at least it is for me! As one of my writing group members, Dragon Queen, and I were talking, it’s like having brilliant flashes of a few brilliant words strewn with a few-to-bunch of words of mediocrity. Not what I’m aiming for! But I’m trying to learn to live with some of it just to get the story out of my head onto the paper [or screen, since my husband has pushed me from the writing on paper to the writing on computer. For the most part.] As everyone keeps saying, especially all those currently in the mid-throes of NaNo writing right now, you can’t edit a blank page. Which if you don’t know about NaNo and all that, do check it out. November is NaNo month, after all.


Is writing easy for Anyone?

And do I want to know? Really want to know?

Well, I Think I’d like to know what they do that makes it easier for them to write.

If there is such an answer.

I’ll have to see if anyone’s ever done a poll of writers and asked them that – Is writing easy or hard for them?

But I guess I should wait to do that until I get back to the task of writing myself.

Since I really do want to get the book I’m currently working on done so I can get back to some of the other books I have waiting on the back burner ready to simmer forth.

So for this November NaNo time, or just any writer in the midst of writing, I wish you Happy Writing!
Or at least an easier time, if like me you find it really hard work.

And if you have ideas for what makes it easier for you Please Post!!!

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