Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Snow and Leaves!

It’s been snowing today! Can you believe it? Before Thanksgiving! In Richmond, Virginia.
Snowflakes were just lazily drifting down like crazy outside my window. Thank God it wasn’t inside! Then there’d Really be a problem.
But even outside it was disconcerting, especially when the wind was blowing. Snowflakes were all mixed up in with all the leaves blowing around.
At least the snowflakes weren’t as big as the leaves! And didn’t stick as much.
I’m not ready for all the cold and snow. I feel like I’ve not even had an autumn yet! You know, the warm days followed by cool nights. Or even sunny brisk days that still make a jacket enough to wear for warmth.
I feel cheated!
As I do by all the non-NaNo that I’ve not managed to get ahead on.
Ah well, soldiering on. Which according to all the advice we get at the Writing Shows and James River Writers Conferences is what a lot of this writing life is all about anyway.
Does anyone hear a tune being whistled?

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