Friday, January 8, 2010

Communication Sucks

Why is communicating so hard? Uh, I'm talking about with people here. I get the different species with animals thing. Or does that different species thing really come down to, me, you = different species?

Is that why it’s so hard? And why are we so bad at it? Okay so a lot of people seem to be, I Know I'm not the only one here people!

And why are we especially bad at something so essentially needed. Yeah, so it's not food, water, shelter but it can be a great help to get those things. And while words might not break our bones they certainly have the power to break the spirit. I've had that experience tried on me more than should be on anyone. Not that I've had the great tragedies and abuse that some people have experienced but just because someone doesn't experience the same thing, or seems to have it so great, doesn't mean that they don't have things going on that no one else knows about. As the theme of the novel I am trying desperately to get finally finished kind of says, there's more to the face you see than what people usually know. Is it people just don’t really care? Is that why communicating is so difficult? I know some people don’t have a clue that words do have the ability to kill, it just takes longer and is more painful than a bullet. So while words might not shelter and protect the body directly they certainly do the spirit. Words just go to the spirit first and then the body follows. For what is a body without the spirit but an empty shell.

Are devastating words more powerful than empty words? Guess it depends on what shell they’re in.

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