Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow Changes Everything!

Okay just so you know, I’m talking about Richmond, Virginia here. I can hear the northerners curling their lips [it’s so cold there most of the time you do hear it don’t you? ;) ] and sneering at us poor simpletons that can’t handle a foot or so of snow. Just mere days before Christmas! Unheard of for these regions! Although even those that ‘dreamed of a white Christmas’ didn’t seem all that overjoyed with it come to think of it.

At our house we only had about 5-6 inches, it was still enough to add to the woes. The general holiday hectic ones and the newly bought refrigerator sagas. Yes, I had sagas. And I’m still not exactly sure about that new energy saver washer I had to buy, is that little smidge amount of water Really getting the clothes all clean? Makes me a bit nervous. But that’s a different saga. And I suppose it’s better than being nervous about the old one, which made me listen and wonder after its puddling accident [process of elimination, no animals, husband swears it wasn’t him], if I was imagining it or if it really did sound funny. And no, it wasn’t ha-ha funny. When I was doing about 8 things at once early December when I still had hope of getting a real handle on Christmas as well as everything else, and had a load in and was upstairs trying to catch up with any one of the myriad of things I am probably way behind on now [like this blog for instance], my husband comes in from work and immediately said, ‘the washer sounds funny.’ He didn’t mean funny ha-ha either. I figured if He noticed then I probably needed to be concerned about working on borrowed washer time. – And what the heck does that mean anyway? The southern readers have heard that, right? Being on borrowed time? Living on borrowed time? –

Anyway, so a simple happy time of looking forward to having new washer, and since sale included extra 10% off, a new refrigerator, ended up being a time-eating, mini-meltdown inducing, more than-usual-frantic holidays, time of Sagas. Upon Sagas.

I have had Sagas my friend. Indeed.

But hopefully that is behind me now. It is a new year. I have come through and I am a stronger person. Well, I will be soon. If I ever manage to get some rest.

Just don’t make me have any more sagas for awhile. Quite awhile.

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