Friday, February 19, 2010

Travel weary Cold Worn

First a Big thanks to all of you writing and expressing concern about my where-abouts, and lack of ‘public activity’ here. THANKS - hey I did say a Big thanks, right.

I am indeed very blessed to have such good friends – and good Sherpas …ok, Sherpa-people for the red-line-happy-Word that doesn’t like that. See previous blog entries for those of you new here. Uh, believe me, there’s not that many to go through. This year anyway. Yet. Who am I kidding, I’m not sure there’s that many in the blog at all really. I Have really good intentions though! Really. But sometimes it sure seems rather echo-y here. Especially in the wee hours that I’m usually writing this stuff. The empty trying hours between busyness and the tussle of sleep. Even though sleep was in short supply last few weeks between cancelled flights, and horrendous lingering cold – both of head/chest variety and the weather type. All bookended and covered with snow, and more snow. And even more snow. That might still be around in mountainous form in June you know. Wantta bet? Have you Seen those gi-nourmous mountain ranges of snow in parking lots all over???

I’m sure I’m not the only one cold weary. Weather wise and health wise. Am finally getting over the dreadful one that has dogged me for ever-so-long now. Talking about stuffy-head coughing type of cold but I guess it’s applying to the snow and weather type cold as well.

To bring those that would like to know up-to-date in the shortest form possible I bring you the following ditty. In its quick-and-dirty-rough form. It’s much too late for any other brilliant wit on my part. I did tell you I was getting over a cold, remember. Not to mention as well all kinds of traumas and sagas and all kinds of stuff too dreary to mention.

Sagas upon Sagas

Sagas before the holidays

Sagas after the holidays

Bookending craziness of said holidays

Became more trying than even past years

[I won’t even mention all the tears]

Unprecedented thought of getaway break

Delirious plans of a vacation to take

Pushed to rush by cancelled flights and impending snow

Everything seemed to finally work out and be okay, how were we to know

The worst was yet to come.

All the well-worked plans to come undone

Leaving stranded in Atlanta, all those trying to get home.

Everyone rushing to phone

A hotel for the night.

Leave to the next day the fight for a flight.

Whew, got that hurdle, got a place to stay.

Stagger to the room, without luggage, what’s there to say

Not so happy, not so gay

Especially when on a handle there’s biggest roach I’ve ever seen

Ick Ick Ick. Husband trolls room to keep it clean.

Convincing that it’s just a short stay

since it’s really almost day

Rush back to airport as soon as can

Beg and plead, that’s the plan.

No problem we have a flight

Just can’t get out until later that night.

Oh, well, we’ll take it

So we sit and sit.

Run out of Zicam, nothing to keep cold in check

Sitting and sitting, wondering what the heck

are we going find when we do make it back

how much snow are we going to have to hack

late at night to make it home

when we finally get to make it to home sweet home.

With cold and hacking that came along

Here’s hoping it will all soon be gone, gone, gone.

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