Friday, July 16, 2010

Hot Descriptions, Maggie Stiefvater and Fountain Bookstore

Got your attention huh.

Okay…so it’s been awhile. Haven’t had a lot of rainy thoughts, just brutally hot days. That have drained the ‘little grey’ cells down to no color at all, from all the glaring hotness out here.

And what few were perhaps hiding in some corner of shade got diluted I think from all the sweat everyone is generating these days.

It’s just hot, people! Forget the fried egg thing, what about our poor little brains!

So I’ve probably written some. But nothing I felt I could post since I depressed poor Denise with my last post she requested something cheerful. I’m not very cheerful when it’s this hot. And I figured no one really wanted to read ‘It’s hot. Damn HOT’ over and over so I have kept myself as still as possible so I wouldn’t be generating more heat. Which meant no typing. You buying that? Sigh. Yeah. So. I’ve been slacking. As far as working a whole bunch on my current YA novel in progress. I’ve written more depressing ‘ditties’ than should be posted. Or ones dealing with all the hot weather. And being depressed about it.

I have written reports and all that kind of stuff though so I haven’t slacked with any of those important duties. Well, mostly. I think I got behind on couple of emails. But they got buried in my inbox. I certainly mean to answer things in timely manner. Did I mention I don’t do all that well in this kind of heat?

I did do a small bit of reading. Yes, totally unlike ‘normal’ me, since I’m usually a ‘rabid reader’ and have to have at least one, or usually more, books going at once. So yes, I have been very affected by the heat.

I picked up a book that Katharine – with an A – recommended, from her favorite author, Patricia McKillip. [yeah, right, she’s got A favorite author like I do. snort. So it’s got to be One of her faves.] and I was taken away by the descriptions…. From Winter Rose by Patricia A. McKillip –
….at the end of a breathless day when the air seemed so heavy and full of molten light, everyone sweated drops of gold instead of brine…

Sounds a whole lot better than my, It’s hot fool Hot, huh. Well around here I don’t think I’ve even thought of anyone sweating drops of gold instead of brine but it’s a great description to aspire to huh. Writerly or not. Uh, I’m not sure I want to know any more details than that really. But check out the book for some great descriptions. I’ll have to do another post of the great descriptions that caught my eye in the book. And post them for Denise. Since I think that might be as cheerful as I’m going to get right now. Did I mention the heat?

Oh, and if you are looking for a Wonderfully written, almost lyrical, book, do Not skip Maggie Stiefvater’s book Shiver….ooo and a lot of it takes place in winter. I obviously need to read it again. But the 2nd book in that series is now out as well – Very recently. That Maggie was at Fountain Books in Richmond, Va. today personally signing and doodling in for anyone / everyone that want Maggie originals! For those who won’t be able to see the Magnifi’ Maggie in person! Maggie’s official kickoff for Linger, which is name of said 2nd book, next Tuesday the 20th in Williamsburg. But for those that aren’t lucky to see her, definitely order from Fountain Books. Haven’t gotten my copy of Linger quite yet, launch next Tues. remember, altho' I was so tempted by Fountain's Maggie visit and doodling today, so can't vouch for how cool worthy it is in any sense of cool, but I can tell you Shiver is definitely worth it. Especially if you are a writer. And it’s not set in Virginia. In summer. In this kind of miserable heat. I figured by now you know it’s Hot here in central Virginia right?

And because it’s so hot I’m doing work for you, see how nice I am.

Here’s Maggie’s site:

If you are a writer you Should also check out Maggie’s blog, Terrific info’ there!

And here’s Fountain Books: Be sure to tell Kelly ‘Hi’ They are all a great bunch of people in there they are. Not to mention most people think Kelly's hot any time of the year. ;)

Ooooo and I just noticed they are having a buy a book get a couple of galleys free this coming Sat. July 17….. Hmmm, wonder how hot it’s going to be…. Forget that, wonder if I can sneak down there, or talk patient loving husband into vicinity….. he doesn’t mind the heat anyway.

And there's Maggie doodles in books waiting...just waiting..... Uh, her books only I presume. But given her uber talent and skills I'm betting even her doodles are Magnfi' !

hmmmmm, off to plot and scheme...and fan....


KathArine said...

another description from Winter Rose . . . allow me:

The rains fell everywhere from an iron-grey sky, silvery ribbons in the lamplight, a constant hollow sound beyond that, as if the world were slowly emptying in the dark.

Yes, I had it marked in my copy. Hope you enjoy the book!

sgchris said...

Thanks for the reminder Katharine. But I thought I better stop before I ended up copying the Whole book down. *grin*