Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Profound Thoughts .... And NaNo

So, NaNo has started. Do you hear the collective NaNo brains feverishly revving all over? The frantic pounding of keys trying to keep pace with the overflow of spilling words?
Okay, so yeah, some. Some are having a slow start. For various intrusions that have inserted themselves unexpectedly into their NaNo writing plans. But don't give up! Still Way too early to even contemplate, or get down on yourself. There's still plenty of time for that later. :::smirk:::
Only half kidding here.
I know that some people see no merit in the seemingly senseless splattering of words out on the page. Eh. Everybody's different. Even at different times of their lives. This may be what you need at this time. Okay so what if you think it isn't. Try it anyway. What have you got to lose? A little time that you've spent on something that you've been wanting to try or do? So do it now. This is the only life we have really. Is Right Now.

So it doesn't work out. So what. Like that's never happened to you before? Or very well might again.
Adapt. Work with it. Whatever 'it' is. Learn about yourself.
If nothing else that's what this exercise in NaNo will teach you. About yourself as a writer.
As a story teller.
Especially about the ones you really tell yourself. And especially what you tell your writer self.

Whoa. Well, this post went totally different than what I thought I was writing. So this is what comes out when you NaNo a blog post. And since there's supposed to be no deleting in NaNo..... at least for now. ;)

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