Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uh Oh NaNo

Uh oh -- and No I'm not talking about the Mork from Ork 'nanoo'
It's Nano.
And it's NaNo time.
Officially it's NaNoWriMo. And officially it's that time again.

So fellow writers and novelists. Or wanna be novelists. If you want to write a novel, this is your time.
This is the best time, since now is when all the creative words are going to be swirling around all over the atmosphere and ether-sphere, and perhaps even blog-o-sphere, cause November starts National Novel Writing Month. Where crazed writers everywhere will start their first word of their new novel on November 1st and call up LOTS and Lots of words, or demand, cry, or curse words up, as they barrel down the NaNo highway directly to the end of November, with a finished work dripping from their fingers.... along with whatever else they have used to keep themselves revived during this mad dash of words to the finish line. Not making judgements or anything, just saying there will probably be a run on chocolate. My and ain't it convenient that the Halloween chocolate candy will be on sale. Just sayin'

AND to give you incentive for that mad-long dash of words. To get / keep you Really motivated - just so happens that the James River Writers last Writing Show of the year is coming up Thursday night. With an Agent!
So you might just want to come check it out. Just in case. And it's pretty cheap. Much Much cheaper than trying to fly to New York to check out an agent - if you can get in. Just something you might want to think about.

Something else to think about, since you're going to be really working hard all November on your novel, is JRWs Best Unpublished Novel contest. Okay, so you probably won't be able to submit your NaNo novel that comes dripping off your fingers at the end of November to it. But if you happen to have one you've completed and edited that's been standing by, then why not take a look. Just a thought.

And since I know you're going to want to -
To join fellow crazed writers for the month of November crazy brilliance that is NaNo -

For more info' on the coming Writing Show - don't forget, Last one of year!
And while you're on the JRW site, go ahead and check out the B.U.N. contest.

And let me know how you're doing on NaNo. NaNo NaNo

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