Monday, October 11, 2010

Post Conference Musings

Does it seem to anyone else like there was more mingling and networking at the JRW Writers Conference, as well as afterwards, this year?

I sure noticed a lot more than I have before. Just me? Or a result of the abundance of social networking things available now?

What do you think?


Kris Spisak said...

Perhaps I'm biased, but I totally agree with you. I saw dinner invites come together after five minute conversations, writing groups being formed, and agents requesting a number of manuscripts.

In other thoughts, have you read Silas House? His novels drip of poetry and are hard to put down. And if you're looking for any character advice, Michele Young-Stone's debut made me rethink how I form my novels players.

sgchris said...

I think social media has definitely changed the continued interactions after all the Conf. meet-ups. Definitely an added benefit.

With reading for my panel/session I didn't get to their books, but have heard good things. Might have to see if can nudge them up the To Read list a bit. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kris.