Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Writers Wednesday Wisdom

For those out there in need of Writing Wisdom, start making it a point to come to James River Writers casual gathering of writers that is Writers Wednesday. Since it was tonight you obviously missed it for this month, but I'm sure you'll want to put it on your calendar to come next month once you hear some the of witty-isdoms that are uttered, such as tonights....

Most writers have heard the wisdom uttered 'kill your darlings' .... and if you don't know what that is come to next Writers Wednesday and we'll talk about it.

I was talking to Writers Wednesday wonderful coordinator Denise about completely revamping my current work and talking about killing the darlings, etc...
To which she replied, yeah, but just remember that doesn't mean it's supposed to be a massacre!

Wise advice. Thanks Denise.

See you wantta come now don't you?

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