Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Been on my mind recently. Most particularly Emyl Jenkins’ legacy that she left behind. When she passed away and left us much, much too soon. But also left with untold people a legacy of encouragement, and courage.

Especially been on my mind since Ellen Brown’s great book signing event the other night, for her book - Gone With the Wind: A Bestseller’s Odyssey from Atlanta to Hollywood

Selected by Publishers Weekly as a top pick for spring 2011.

[If you missed Ellen’s book signing the other night you have another opportunity coming up next week on March 3rd. And to benefit a charity as well. I posted about it in an earlier blog post so be sure to check it out.]

Ellen teared up and her voice quavered as she gave a touching talk thanking all the people that had helped and encouraged her with the writing of her book.

She especially remembered the late Emyl Jenkins, who ‘encouraged’ Ellen to start her writing career to begin with and was so thrilled when Ellen told her about what she was thinking about writing.

Emyl sometimes had a unique way of encouraging. ;) I remember being on the receiving end of “Well honey,” and “You need to step up” myself.

It’s amazing the things you discover about people. And the people that they touch in some way, the legacy they leave behind. Almost a year now after Emyl passed away I am still hearing from people the way Emyl ‘encouraged’ them, whether to ‘step up’ and get involved, get out, and meet other writers, or to get rid of their excuses and sit down and write their dream. Emyl was able to ‘encourage’ them all.

It still amazes me all the people that Emyl Jenkins touched and influenced.

And is still influencing.

Especially if you take advantage of the opportunity of the Emyl Jenkins award over at James River Writers []

So step it up. Reach out and leave a legacy.

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