Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Picking Out a Place for Your Book

No, not for vacation spot, altho’ who doesn’t want to take their book to some tropical place on the beach. Or even better, have their book take them there, literally. Wouldn’t we all like to be making enough from our books to be doing that?

Course that means getting published first.

Which brings up this post.

We’ve been told as writers that when we pitch an agent one of the things we need to know is where our book fits in on book store shelves and sections.


Except when it’s not as easy to categorize into those categories / genres. I’m still trying to figure where mine fit. Yes, granted I need to actually finish them first. That would be the first thing. But then comes the question of where does it actually fit. And some believe we should know that as we write, because that would very possibly change how we are writing.

What do you think?

Do you know / have clear ideas of where the books you are writing fit in?

How did you determine that?

If you are still searching to where you fit in, here’s an interesting blog post that has genres and sub-genres you might want to take a look at.

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Wonder what Sub-Genre your book falls into? Check out this resource: bit.ly/sC3874 #writing #screenwriting #MyWANA

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Then it would be nice if you came back here to help me with mine.……if that's even possible.

And if you look around on their blog and find interesting things it would be nice if you came back and shared them with me. After all, I’m always sharing with you here.

It does look like it’s got some great info’ there. But I’m in the midst of stuff too you know. So it would be nice if we all shared here. Just sayin…. Tis the season.

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