Saturday, December 17, 2011

Talking Too Much????

If it’s you, then you should know who you are. Don’t you?

Not sure these ideas would really help you but maybe….. I did come across this great post that will help you look at and determine if your characters are talking too much.

Might help you in other ways other than just your writing.

And since fellow writer and I were just talking about this recently will definitely help him.

While you are there looking, check out the rest of the blog. There’s some Good stuff there!

And do Please come back here and let me know what you find! I haven’t had time to look through it much either.

[Do I Really Need to tell you how behind we are with Holiday stuff??? No decorations up. No cards done. Still have baking / presents to do. Wrapped ones needed for this weekend…. Mostly. And so on and so on …. Sigh…..]

I send Great Thanks to for finding this:

PCrutcher Paige Crutcher

Hints that you have too much dialogue and helpful fixes: @NovelEditor #writetip @elizabethscraig

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