Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How To - Advice, Wisdom, and just because I can

So….. Where Has all the time gone? I have been meaning to update this more often. Really. I’ve thought about it a Lot!

But, in case you are having similar issues, Thinking about it doesn’t get it written, does it?

Running around being tired half, okay, so most of the time, doesn’t help make coherent thoughts either. Thought I’d spare you all those. Just so you know. [Aren’t you glad!] [You should be - since I did try to do quickie run by slap-on while I was away at family wedding festivities, wouldn’t work. So you were spared. Happy Congrats to the new MR. & MRS. Though!]

Of course everything blooming at Once and allergy meds. etc… don’t help productivity much either. [So says the drained brain.]

So in the absence of my own coherent writing thoughts, I try to use the time productively by visiting other writers blogs, and commenting. Since I would like the same consideration.

Writers are alone enough in their writing world without feeling like they are alone on their blogs as well.

This one hit me squarely in the tired brain -

How to Screw Everything and Just Write

With so many many hats and masks and roles, life is complicated. There are responsibilities. There are expectations. There are even expectations of the expectations.

We writers take on an extra set of burdens by hitching ourselves to the multiverse inside our heads. We scribble and plot. We create whole civilizations. We illustrate the fine details of lives of those who have never existed; will never exist, except in our own minds.

And yet, the one thing we probably do more than anything else is futz about with trying to justify our writing in the face of life’s other responsibilities. ……….


No, can’t say I agree with everything but it did ring some places that the tired didn’t squish it out -

Writer takes the ambivalence of They as proof of disapproval and lack of support for the writer’s “writing”. This judgement also serves as a fine side dish to another heaping serving of self-loathing.

And in probably more writers than will admit it.

But it is interesting the advice that is given is the same that is given to how our writing should be be:

Show Don’t Tell

For your own opinion, and to read the whole post for yourself, visit / read here.

And one of the places I visited was Richmond’s own fiery haired book temptress Rebecca Joines Schinsky of The Book Lady’s Blog. And now of Book Riot -

Which had someone blogging on the wisdom of Calvin and Hobbes. And since I miss Calvin and Hobbes and it reminded me of how much I miss it. And after all, since this is my blog and I can - here’s some of the favorite ‘wisdoms’ of Calvin and Hobbes….

[Without the great Calvin faces, sigh, but if you were a fan, you will remember. Or can go dig out the books like I can. *Grin* ]

And for friend Katharine, her favorite is there - and now here!

On the unfairness of it all
Calvin's Dad: The world isn't fair, Calvin.
Calvin: I know, but why isn't it ever unfair in my favor?

Although Katharine puts it better! So be sure to check comments -

K - that means you Must post it in comments now. ;)

[So I just checked the Calvin & Hobbes post is actually -

Sixteen Things Calvin and Hobbes Said Better Than Anyone Else

But feelings toward C&H are still the same.

And opinions here are just that, my opinions. Right now anyway.

I mentioned I was Tired right? ]

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sgchris said...

Since I also have another blog that I post this on, and the above mentioned Katharine stopped at that blog and posted her version of the Calvin & Hobbes 'ism' there, in the spirit of fairness I will post it here -

C: "It's not fair! It's not fair!"
D: "Calvin, life is not fair."
C: "I **know** that, Dad. I just want it to be unfair in my favor."

and my runner up. . .

C: "Where's my jacket? I've looked everywhere! Under the bed, over the chair, on the stairs, on the hall floor, in the kitchen. It's just not anywhere. Oh HERE it is! Who put it in the stupid closet?!"