Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meeting Writers and Gaining the World

For most writers the world we live in is small in so many ways, we live in environments in our heads with characters we create, while we go from day to day duties as trudgers in the worn rhythm of everyday life.

But it doesn’t have to be a lonely misunderstood existence, at least not unless that’s what you choose.

Especially with the existence of the internet and instant access to all kinds of information and people. Some you’d rather not, but that’s a different talk.

You can find and access all kinds and sorts of writers on the internet, and that can be great, but it doesn’t help you with the personal training in talking and getting used to interacting with people in person. And face it, at some point you are going to have to do that.

Or we all certainly hope for that, right?

We all want to be successful and be best-sellers. And sometimes that’s going to mean talking and interacting with Real people.

Not that our characters aren’t real to us, of course, but you know what I mean. Right?

If you live anywhere in the Richmond, Virginia area, James River Writers offers you all kinds of opportunities to haul yourself from your chair and imaginary world and learn to interact — in a good way - with others, and most will understand at least some of what you are going through.

You get to practice your people skills with real people, and which of us introvert writers doesn’t need that.

And some of the writers will even have some solutions, or suggestions, or options to help.

Even if you don’t see a need for them now, trust me, you never know where that next story is going to come from, or go. So it helps to have a list of resources handy.

And here’s a great site for that!

[You'll be sorry if don't check it out. I'm telling you. Really.

Be sure to come back and tell me your fave….]

And tying into the JRW February Writing Show that talked about food in writing, here’s a great place to explore.

Yes, looks like some of the links are broken or something, but there’s still some great working ones.

Thanks to Mike for sharing these.

Thanks to The Bookshelf Muse for the Great site.

Thanks to James River Writers for the Writing Show - the last Thursday of each month.

And the casual meet-up of Writers at Writers Wednesday - the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

The new JRW website is up - as is the schedule for Writers Wednesday for the rest of the year! [A Special Thanks to the Wonderful Writers Wednesday coordinator, Denise!] So you won’t be confused as to where to go to mingle with all us great writers.

Do check the website for current info’ - just in case.

So I’ve offered you several ways to know the world.

And you can always hang out here with me.

Hey, where else are you going to get links to a Zombie Generator!


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