Saturday, March 31, 2012

Before [and After]

I remembered another good question, and answer, from the Writing Show the other night -

See previous post. Especially for the links. No time to do them all here again.

Among the questions in the Question and Answer part of the Show -

which is another good reason to come to the Writing Shows, you get to ask questions, in the time always set aside for Q & A, and there’s also plenty of opportunity to talk with panelists at break or after the Show as well.

So I don’t remember the exact question, which might be why I forgot to post it in previous summary, but I do remember the answer.

An audience member was discouraged because the writing they wanted to do was in an area that was over-saturated.

The answer was - there were search engines before Google.

Yes, we were all a little puzzled - until it was explained, just like google, you have to be better.

Good advice anyway really. Do the best you can.

But if you are working in busy crowded market, you have to figure out what makes you / your writing unique, and do it better than what’s out there.

It obviously can be done.

So Do it.

I’ll be here to encourage you.

Or ‘egg you on’

There’s a difference?


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