Thursday, March 22, 2012

Breathing and Black Holes

So…..I’ve almost been sucked into a black hole. Sortta.

….Actually that would explain a lot.

I’ve had to really scramble to escape it. Catching fingernails on the edge and slipping and climbing and…..

….. you buying that?

Okay, but breathing….well, Spring has come to Virginia, Early, Way early, so that has meant being in the springtime allergy fog a lot, already. Even when it was still technically winter! What’s with that!

But at least it’s finally Spring on the calendar. Except the weather is now summer not spring.

So another time warp has ensued.

Then there’s been the excavation digs into the storage containers for clothing to wear in the sudden unexpected heat. My husband wasn’t impressed by my archeological prowess. He insists it was just creating a mess. Course he’s the one with the clothes already in the prime spots. Snap, snap, his clothing exchange done.

So in addition to just ‘regular’ stuff there’s the spring cleaning and all that on top of it.

What to do but take a break with a cup of tea and try to breathe.

And take a look at a friend’s blog, where she talks about doing more by doing less, and being reminded to breath.

Got my attention. Yours?

Especially about taking 18 minutes and staying focused.

Do more by doing less, and staying focused and accomplishing your goals in 18 minutes. Yeah.

So yeah, it’s not quite that simple. But was some great things to think of and consider. And consider doing.

Here’s Cynthia’s blog to check it out for yourself.

And here’s they guy she talks about. Well, his site anyway.

Along with some other great points and things suggested there were these two questions to ask yourself.

Good ones to ask yourself, huh.

If I didn’t avoid needles as much as possible I’d want them tattooed somewhere. Where I could see it. Guess I’ll have to make do with putting them here.

Feel free to make your own decisions about making them a tattoo.

Key Questions:

Am I doing what I most need to be doing right now?

Am I being who I most want to be right now?

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