Friday, March 23, 2012

Social Media and Platforms

Yes, those strikes of terror into the psyches of writers everywhere.

Since, like Scarlet O’Hara, I’ll think about that tomorrow, I only have vague queasiness now. Although when it does cross my mind — I almost put minds, since like most writers I seem to have more than one, helpful when there’s something boring going on you have to sort of pay attention to and other mind can be plotting character demise. Nothing to do with who you are listening to I am sure. Right?

But if I really let the social media and platform things come into view, terror is lurking at their elbow with an evil grin on their black formless faces.

Yes, I have a twitter and…. Oh, come on, I don’t even get here to update this blog as much as I ‘should,’ you think I’m over frolicking on twitter or something?

Not to mention it’s Spring. In Virginia. Did you not read my previous post - I’m not frolicking anywhere. Until all the pollen goes away anyway. Okay so according to the allergist mine never goes away, just sorrtta bad and worse. So I don’t really frolic. Sounds like I should though doesn’t it. Maybe we should all frolic. Let’s talk.

Yes, the other thing about having writer minds, they go off in different directions, a lot.

So back to social media and platforms.

If you are thinking about it - freaking out or not, you might want to check this post out for quick synopsis and talk about the different venues and tips and such.

But he doesn't cut anyone any slack on well being a slack-off really - in my case, the allergy and terror thing -- most of us disguise it with 'have no time to do it' ploy. And no, he doesn't buy it, and holds up his busy life as example. Don't you hate it when people 1 up you? Or have such worse busy lives? It's really hateful when it forces you to take stock of things before you are 'ready.' Sigh. Oh, well, other things call right now that need doing Now, so I'll just have to be 'Scarlett' again. Tomorrow is another day. And I'll figure it all out then.

And for certain friends of mine that will get this - You will Like the title of the blog -


Even tho' it's not in same context it still made me ******Grin************

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