Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reasons to Be

A Writer? A Good person? An organized on-the-ball dynamo?

Those are things you have to answer for yourself

But some things we can help you with:

Rejections & Resilience – Fueling Creativity on an Empty Tank

That’s what’s going to be talked about tomorrow night at James River Writers Writing Show.

You can sign up in advance and get a bit of a break on the money.

If you want to know what the Writing Show is about you can check out the great illustrator / writer Troy Howell’s sketches and recap of February’s Writing Show here.

You might also want to check out the recap of the Writing Show on Get Your Word On, JRW’s e-newsletter.

What? You don’t get that! Well, you can go right over to the website and sign up for it. While you are there check out the NEW website. It’s always going to be changing so you’ll have to come back to look often. So be sure to check it out.

And you can come to Writers Wednesday each month for free and hang out with us cool people.

We can help with with all the above, with or without a drink.

If you do come to Writers Wednesday come to the Writing Show tomorrow night and let others see you and talk to you. That way they know someone when they come to the next Writers Wednesday.

So all you Writers Wednesday-ers come to the Writing Show tomorrow night and stand up and be counted.

Okay, so we aren’t really going to count you, but we are going to recognize you for showing up at Writers Wednesday and encouraging us all. Thanks.

So you All have a reason to be at the Writing Show tomorrow night.

If you want another reason, there’s a donut shop just down the street aways, so you can go after the Writing Show and get a HOT donut right off the line!

They’ll even let you get more than one!

And that should be enough of a reason right there! Just saying’ ….. Good talk. Hot Donuts. Will get you through the end of the week nicely.

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