Sunday, June 24, 2012

Getting Published and Interesting Info'

How You Can Get Published

What everyone wants to know, right?
Well, since I seem to hang out with a bunch of writers a lot, that’s what’s underlying our hard work.  I won’t mention what hard work it is complaining, and whining, about what hard work writing is.   Ahem :::clears throat:::

And since not all of you come to Writers Wednesday, James River Writers casual get together once a month, guess I’ll just have to post it here.
Oh, some of the solutions - not the whining.   Although I won’t promise that I’m above whining either.  [Since you aren’t close enough to slap me here. :::Sticks tongue out::::]
Okay, on to being a grown up now.  Mostly.

For those in the Richmond, Virginia area, James River Writers just so happens to be talking about this very thing on This Thursday night, June 28.

For those outside of the Richmond, VA, area, you can check this out —

5 MUST READ Blogs for Indie Authors on #writing, #amwriting, #selfpub, and #indie book sales.Read more!

I already introduced you all to one of the Great blogs that is listed here earlier in some of my blog posts so you know there’s some great info’ here.   Right?   :::Grin::::

So even if you are here in the Richmond area, and even if you are going to the JRW Writing Show, you should still check out the list of those great blogs.   I mean, especially since we already agree at least one of them is Great.  

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