Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Writers Want

Or at least the ones that come to James River Writers Writers Wednesday and remind me I haven’t posted this yet.

So Marina - and others - this is for you!  **Grin**

And Denise - you and others might find some interesting things here also. **Grin**grin**

First this site is Terrific to search for … well, more things than you’ll have time for in one sitting, or more, I think.
I might have mentioned in a previous blog post, but it’s so GREAT it’s worth putting out again :

This great site to show you to other Great sites!

For getting - understanding - ways to put emotion into your stories…. And HINT, that’s what Every story could use.

Great info’ Emotional Thesaurus … with a free download of companion to the book offer!

Marina especially, here’s the site you’ve been asking for - with the facial expression changer thingy -

And here’s couple sites I discovered while hunting these down that I found interesting and worth exploring :

So — I’ve shared these … what have you got to share?

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