Tuesday, January 29, 2013

James River Writers Conference Session

I’m back.  For a few minutes.  Then I must rush off again.

This is a new year for everyone, including for James River Writers non-profit organization.  After celebrating 10 years at the Conference last October, change is in the air.   Oh wait, that was snow, then sleet then …70 degree weather. Really.  For couple of days.  Or hours.     [Is wind chill really 38 degrees, can that even be at 70+ degrees, or is the weather even messing with the Weather Channel too much?]       JRWs changes will last longer.

James River Writers very popular Writing Shows starts up again on this Thursday evening, January 31.  So hope to see you there!
Author Twitter Chats have already started back up - don’t miss them.
Writers Wednesday get togethers are going strong.  Second Wednesday of every month, check the locations to see if we’re near you.  But come anyway, no matter where.  Always fun.
And of course the Conference in October.
To keep up with everything going on be sure to sign up for the JRW newsletter, and check the website often.

Since this is a new year - okay so I’m still trying to clean up last year.   I don’t believe I’m the Only one still doing that.  I realized in all the hectic whirl that became my life last year I didn’t post notes and links, to one of my sessions from the Conference.
I do apologize for not getting to it before.  Since it was a Great session.   *Grin*

So here it is -

JRW Conference Part 4

Sunday, Oct. 20, 2012
Point of View
Erin Blakemore
Eleanor Brown
Allan Wolf
Explore issues of person, narrative voice, form, tone, and tense while discussing the narrators who carry your story.

Notes :

Overall -  Tell the story you have. that you need to tell, the way you need to tell it.  According to how many points of views you need, even if it's 24, or 48, or first person plural.

Erin Blakemore      

How she had to find it within herself to answer the question of who was she to write this book.

This is her actual query letter sent to get her agent.  With her agent’s comments.

"My query letter is actually here:

That’s what I used to find my agent!" 

And her agent she got from this query letter gives her comments there also.
Evidently 101 queries, or several more, is the charm, she said she queried hundreds.   So DON’T give up!

RT @KPMadonia: @AllanWolf100   wish I had taken myself serious earlier.   Surround yourself with positive people.  Find & trust your voice    #JRWC12

There were Lots of Great things / info’ tweeted at the Conference at #JRWC12

And I’m sure there will be more things this year - including Author Twitter Chats. 
Tune in on Twitter      #JRWC13

So stay tuned - to JRW - and here!

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